Best Things To Do In Ventura Today

Best Things to do in Ventura Today

Ventura maintains its reputation of being one of the most expensive cities in all of the United States. Even though living in Ventura can be pretty pricey, there is no doubt that it is a great place to visit for a short relaxing trip. Colored with enriching the culture and a bountiful historical heritage, Ventura has a lot to offer to every wandering tourist who trudges his path down to the city. From museums to gardens, from water sports to escape rooms, there are numerous Ventura things to do for every kind of tourist, with their different taste and desires. Let's talk about some popular places to visit in Ventura that almost no tourist should ever miss out on while they visit this place! Painted with a beautiful coastline, Ventura is by far the perfect place to spend your weekend away from the hustle-bustle and entangled chaos raging high in your present urban life.


1.      Visit the Serra Cross Park for quenching the thirst for peace in you.

The Serra Cross Park is a prevalent location amongst all tourists. Located just above the Mission San Buenaventura, the Serra Cross Parkis mainlyfor its huge wooden cross. While the cross stands to help people locate the direction of the Mission San Buenaventura, several tourists tend to click pictures in here, as this place provides a mesmerizing scenic beauty to get yourself lost into. The Serra Cross Park should sincerely be there on your Ventura things to-do list. The park stretches over a vast area of land of nearly 107 acres. It is also awell-knownlocation to watch the sunset in the city of Ventura.


2.      Enjoy a gala theatrical night at the Rubicon Theatre Company!

Run back in time, and delve into the artistic world of theatres as you enjoythe fantastic theatrical night at the Rubicon Theatre Company. Of the many Venturathings to do, this is probably the most enriching experience that any tourist shall ever find here, as theatres have almost become obsolete these days. Ventura, however, still preserves its enriching culture in bits and pieces. The company has been quite profoundly accepted by the people and is currently running its 17th season. So, squeeze out some time from your tour plan and delve in for a night of an overwhelming theatrical performance put forth for you by the locals and become one with it!


3.      Visit the Four Brix winery for some amazingly flavored wines!

Four Brix Winery is immensely famous for its rich flavors of diverse kinds of blended wines. It is located in the downtown area of Ventura city.The winery, however, makes only about 2,000 cases all over the year. So, run fast and grab the best bottles of wines that you shall ever taste in your life before the company sells them all out! The company has even given certain exemplarily unique and eye-grabbing names to its specialties, like Smitten, Rendezvous, Temptress, etc., which you will not find anywhere else! Sounds quite tempting, right? So, why don't you try them out?

4.      Go to the Lake Casitas Recreation Area for some fun!

The Lake Casitas Recreation Area is situated on the Los Padres National Forest and is undoubtedly one of the best Ventura things to do. Take your children out to this place in Ventura during your stay in the city.They will surely love the place! The lakeside is even known amongst people because of its vast number of camping sites. So yes, you can also set your camp here, as you visit the place with your friends or family! The lake is outlined with the woodlands, and if you are lucky, you might even be able to spot quite a few wildlife in the area, like, raccoons, coyotes, and many more! So, if you are looking for some adventure or simply nature, make sure that you visit this place as you come to Ventura.


These are some of the best Ventura things to do which you can indulge in doing as you come to the city with your friends or family. Make the most of your vacation here, and let nature energize you with a boost up of new energy!

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