Why Technology Is Important In Modern Era?

Thomas Edison, the American inventor, created the world's first industrial research laboratory. Author Carl Mitcham (1978) defined technology as “human making or using of material objects in all forms”. Technology is a skill, methods, techniques, tools, and machines that are created by man used to achieve goals. Technology changes the world. Man of this age is useless without technology.

Types Of Technology:


  • Mechanical.

  • Electronic.

  • Industrial and manufacturing.

  • Medical.

  • Communications

Advantages Of Technology:

Technology makes everyone’s life easy. Mobile and the internet help us to communicate with each other. In old age, there is no instant source of communication between people. People have to wait for months or even years to send their messages to their loved ones. But now, it is so easy to connect with the entire world in just a minute. The Internet has also improved our home and work life. It saves time. We can find and everything on the internet. Advancement in medical technology improves the quality of life. There is a lot of content related to Technology on YouTube. Just go to YouTube, copy the link, and paste it into Y TO MATE. You'll be able to download the video within a few seconds.


Disadvantages Of Technology:

Well, Technology has advantages but also has disadvantages. Man Becomes so lazy. Man is so used to technology that he can’t do anything without help. Crime rates are high. People bully others on the internet. Technology is also a cause of depression and stress. Technology is also very dangerous because with just one click you can lose all your privacy and money. And because of this stress and tension people even lose their lives.

Modern Technology Dangers:

Children nowadays are so addicted to mobile and the internet. Mobile Phones Affect Our Nervous system. More Use of mobile wastes a lot of time. Mobile phones also cause cyberbullying. Mobile is so dangerous for children, teenagers, and adults. Mobile Causes:


  1. Shortness of temper

  2. Headache

  3. Sleep Disorders

  4. Depression

  5. Stress

  6. Eye Weakness

Technology And Students:

Students need technology. Technology provides access to new teachings, information, and many more fun opportunities. By using technology students explore new subjects and understand their difficult concepts.


Robots are a unique technology. Robots now do the work that is done by Human beings. Robots are time saved. Robots are doing high-quality work with no break and holidays off. Robots are doing a lot of work in medicine, the military, and exploring other planets. Robots are replacing humans in many jobs. So, this is a unique and big technology that science did.

Is Technology A life Saver:

Yes, Definitely Technology is a lifesaver. It is saving our lives by advancing medical science. Now there are portable hospitals that are available 24 hours. Now because of technology a disease can easily be caught and treated. Technology is doing so much for people.


So the conclusion is that technology has both advantages and disadvantages as well. So it depends on us how we use technology. This is in man’s hands whether he is taking advantage of technology. By using technology you can make your life easy or make it harder for yourself.