Use Hand-made, Durable, 100% Organic, And Recyclable Coco Grow Bags

Use hand-made, durable, 100% organic, and recyclable coco grow bags

Harvesting fruits and vegetables in grow bags is far from being a new proposition. Such horticultural concepts were well practised from the ancient times of Egyptians and Greeks, wherein crops were cultivated in interwoven mesh-like baskets and bags. Still, after so many centuries have gone past, the cost-effective system of planting in grow bags is well-preserved amongst horticulturists globally.

Therefore, to procreate fruits and vegetables the organic way, planters need to bring in coco grow bags, due to their biodegradable and durable attributes from none other than RIOCOCO, as the well-known organic product manufacturer only offer OMRI-certified coco coir fabric products. 

How can the Customers get Benefits in Buying Coco Coir Growing Bags for Cultivation?

Substantially Lightweight

There are several advantages in cultivating vegetables and fruits using coco-growing bags. These crop-growing bags from RIOCOCO are fabricated of 100% natural, reusable, and biodegradable coco coir fabric. Due to their organic qualities, hand-made bags are considerably lightweight, especially against earthen or metal pots and containers. Besides, due to lesser weight, such grow bags coming with their stable handgrips can be easily transported to the outdoor space in the backyard or patio, especially during the propagation season of the fruit and vegetable plants. 

Optimally Permeable

As these coco-growing bags possess a myriad of micro-pores in the complete dimensions of their bag material, they serve as a 100% breathable, and organic plant growing medium. On account of this, such grow bags circulate the air containing the vital oxygen to the roots of the plants, as the root system will need nearly 30% oxygen for consistent propagation of the crops through balanced metabolism of nutrients.  

Controls Temperature 

Again, these unique organic crop-growing bags can help the planters to adjust the warmth of the fruits and vegetables, by extracting the excess heat through the micro-pores of such bags. With these unique heat-dispersal attributes, the grow bags can sustain the soil cool in the summertime while offering the needed warmth in the winter season. Moreover, these organic bags, made from by-products of coconut have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities, and thus can be used as natural pesticides for plants.

Prevents Overwatering

Another vital characteristic of such crop-growing bags is that they can discharge the surplus water from the root system through the underside of their fabric. Besides, the porous design also helps in the same process, thereby ensuring the roots are not overwatered and rotten. Therefore, with an adequate level of water, the vegetables and fruits can procreate quickly and safely.

Neutral pH with Low Salt-Ions

Now, these nutrient-enriched organic coco crop-growing bags from RIOCOCO are super-washed and possess exceptional water-permeable qualities. They are known to sustain a neutral level of pH 6.5 to 7, which is neither basic nor acidic, helping in the appropriate proliferation of the root system of the fruits and vegetables.

As the roots need clean water to survive, such coco crop bags can be a better choice, as they have a low ratio of salt ions in them, collaborating in suitable plant procreation. In this context, it can be stated that high salt-ions like chlorine and boron are detrimental to the plant roots, which is contrastingly different in coco-based growing bags. 

OMRI Certified Bags

Moreover, such coco crop growing bags are handmade with 100% organic coco coir substrate or coco peat substances and are labelled with OMRI or Organic Materials Review Institute certification. Hence, such bags are tested in the labs proving their chemical-free natural composition and can be easily applied for the suitable propagation of both flowering and crop-based plants.

The starter blocks with coco peat or coir materials can constantly maintain the delicate balance of water and air in the vegetables and fruits, proving as the most appropriate choice for the gardeners. Furthermore, such grow bags can easily blend with the soil in a 50:50 proportionate distribution for uniform and quicker root growth and nourished stems. 

Final Verdict

Therefore, with lesser soil requirements, such coco grow bags from RIOCOCO prove to be the optimal choice for soil-based or aqua-based cultivation techniques adopted by agriculturists worldwide. Besides, RIOCOCO under Ceyhinz Link International Inc. has been consistently harnessing sustainable ways of production, impacting less on the surrounding ecosystem.