Learn Google Fundamentals From Creating A Google Account To Utilizing It

Google is a potentially growing multinational company founded in 1998. Initially, it was used as a search engine only to look up any keyword, word, topic, etc. Today, several major companies are working under its umbrella, and it is also related to advertising, Quantum computing, and cloud computing. In the comprehensive guide, you will explore the Google fundamentals and take a look at having a convenient and smooth functioning. 

How does the Google Search Engine work? 

It is still the primary role of Google, where you can use it to search any topic, keyword, question, etc. Searching for anything with Google is pretty simple; the steps are pointed out below: 

  • Head to the Google search page using any of your devices 

  • In the search box, type the question, topic, keywords, etc, that you want to discover and click on 'Search.' 

  • The outcome shows various links, web pages, and information related to your topic

  • Now, based on the requirement, open the link or page that suits you, and you can check out the information

  • As Google collects information from various pages, you can also filter it to precise your search 

How to create and secure your Google account? 

As we know, Google owns various products and services; if you want to use them, you should have a Google account. Creating a Google account is simple; the steps are listed below: 

Create your Google account : 

  • Start with browsing the Google sign-in page online.

  • Visit the link 'Sign up' and provide the necessary information in the form.

  • Follow the direction on screen to complete the account creation process.

  • Now create a strong password by following the password guidelines

  • You can continue with the process, and by following the prompt on the screen, you will be able to create your Gmail/ Google account. 

Recovery of your Gmail account: 

  • In case you have to recover your account, go to the Google sign-in page first 

  • Provide information: Username/ Email ID and hit the link 'Forgot password' 

  • From the recovery page, select the phone number option to recover your account 

  • The system will share a verification code with you on your phone and paste it to complete the verification 

  • After the verification is done, you can create a new password and recover your account 

Learn about Google Products and services 

Once you have your Google account ready, you can now use any of the Google products and services. We all use Google products to run our Android devices and also to make our daily lives simple. Some of the common Google products include: 

  • Google Meet

  • Youtube 

  • Google Play

  • Gmail 

  • Google search engine

  • Google map 

  • Classroom

  • Google Drive and more 

Summary: In the article, you learn some basic details about Google, including how to create an account and recover it if needed, as well as what the various Google products and services are. Moreover, you can talk to someone at Google in case additional details are needed. How do I get a human at Google? You can dial the helpline number and follow Interactive voice response (IVR) to speak to the agent.