An Inclusive Facebook Guide; From Creating Your Account To Connecting People

Facebook is the first name that comes to mind whenever you talk about social media platforms. In addition to entertainment, today, it is also being used widely as a business platform for many entrepreneurs and small businesses. Being such a vast company, it is not possible to include all the information in one article. Here, we will discuss some basics of Facebook along with its features; read it until the end to add to your knowledge. 

Let's start with how to create a Facebook account 

  • Head to the Facebook official website or download the application from the App Store. 

  • Then click on the "Sign Up" link on the page to start the registration. 

  • Insert personal information like first name, surname, email ID or phone number, password, etc.

  • Again, click "Sign Up" and follow the prompt commands to complete the Facebook registration.

  • A confirmation code will be shared with your registered phone number or email ID. 

  • Use that code to verify your Facebook account.

  • You can add a profile photo to personalise your account and other details such as your workplace, hometown, school, etc. 

How to make use of your Facebook account? 

Once your account is created, how will you use it? Well, here are some options given that you can try:

Connect with Friends:

To connect with friends, search by their FB name, email, or phone number in the search box. After you see their account, send a friend request, and you can also accept requests from others. Explore the extension 'people you may know' to get more people.

Share post: 

Using the option 'What's on your mind,' you can create a post in the form of Text, Photos, Videos, or Images and share it with others. You can also tag your friends by typing @ and their names. If you want a broader audience for your post, use hashtags. 

Join the Facebook Groups: 

You can also join or create different groups as per your hobbies, interests, and professional connections. You can be a part of the discussion, exchange information, and connect with people who have the same interests. 

Facebook Messenger: 

Facebook Messenger helps you communicate with your friends, families, and connections. You can communicate with them via text, audio, and video and share photos, videos, GIFs, etc. 

How to change Facebook password? 

If you want to change your Facebook password for security purposes, follow these steps: 

  • Login to your Facebook account and go to the 'Settings and privacy' 

  • Click on 'Settings' and 'Security and Login' on the left side 

  • Go to the 'Security and login,' click on Edit, and then click on the ' change password' option.

  • Change your password by following the ongoing instructions and completing the process.

Conclusion: Given above are the basic details to help you create and use your Facebook account. You can also speak to the Facebook customer support team for additional information. Can I talk to someone live at Facebook? Get the Facebook helpline number on the website and make a phone call on it to speak with the Facebook agent.