Buying Tractors Directly From The Compny: Deal Or No Deal?

While most of us are sitting in our homes, large-scale investments seem highly unlikely. But to the farmers who are toiling away despite the current global scenario, the big question that needs to be answered is, “should I buy my tractors directly from the company or should I go to a dealer?” And this question needs an urget answer in these urgent times.

Well, there are quite a few arguments that can be made with regards to the benefits of buying from a dealer instead of purchaing directly from the company/band/manufacturer, all of which which might convince a potential customer to purchase their tractor from a dealer instead of purchsing directly from the company.

Firstly, there is the fact that a tractor brand, company or a manufacturer directly selling their products is extremely rare. Most brands, especially tractor brands that deal in heavy machinery, and as a result, are dealing with customers who are constantly making long-term investments, ensure that they have multiple dealers across the area they wish to sell their tractors in (which might even include the entire world) and sell as many units as possible in the shortest amount of time. This is not only for profit, but also to ensure that the brand can always stay relevant for its customers. Another reason that this works is because it allows the tractor manufacturer/brand itself to focus solely on its core business. This way, they can allocate most of their resources to manufacturing and assembly instead of worrying about hiring personnel for customer relarions, sales, etc.

Then, there is the matter of convenience. Most, if not all, potential and especially existing consumers will look at buying from a dealer as a matter of how close the deal might be to their home/office or perhaps even their current location, regardless of where it might be. Therefore, this is another reason that companies prefer to make sure that their products are selling over a greater area, with the added advantage of each of those products being ‘easy-to-buy’ for countless customers. However recently, this factor does not that significant of a impact because of the current circumstances most people are facing in the world. However, the level of convenience becomes even more important, since the ability to travel great distances is grately hampered.

Finally, there is the fact about the middleman, the very idea or a concept of well, dealing with a dealer itself. While it may sound kind of negative, the fact that people can interact with someone who, in most cases, knows about the brand and its products inside and out, is a big relief. For both the brand and the dealer, this means that there is a higher probability of selling a product the consumer might already be interested in.

So, these are the reasons why almost any company in the world sells through dealerships, and as a result, through dealers. But, what about those rare occasions when a company does not? What about such a chance when the company chooses to sell the product directly to the consumer? Well, let’s take the example of Digitrac.

Digitrac is a tractor manufacturer that makes some of the best tractors in India. Also, being a part of Escorts Ltd., there is an immense factor of brand trust that its consumers enjoy whenever they purchase Digitrac’s products or avail it’s services. As far as it’s products are concerned, it also provides second-hand tractors for its customers. Be it the power and performance of a 50HP tractor, or even a 60HP tractor, they are all tractors for sale made available by Digitrac. There are also many, many tractor accessories the brand provides to its customers when they come in to purchase their Digitrac tractor.


All of this and much more is made available to countless consumers across the globe, right from the comfort of their homes!