Top Things To Do In Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is situated in California and recognized as one of the world's most beautiful and amazing towns. The beauty of this town attracts millions and millions of travellers from all over the globe. Here, one can witness the Spanish-style architecture and many more amazing tourist attractions that can entertain its visitors in the best possible way. There are also lots of kid-friendly destinations available in Santa Barbara, so this is preferred as one of the best places for a family vacation. 

So, are you getting excited about the amazing facts of Santa Barbara? Are you planning a vacation in Santa Barbara? If yes, you should know about the top things that can help you enjoy your vacation in the best possible manner. But if you are struggling to make a list of the best things to do in Santa Barbara that can lead you to enjoy your holiday with your family and friends to the fullest, then this post will help you. Here, in this post, you will get a list of top things to do in Santa Barbara:

Let's get it on!

  • Let's visit the iconic landmark of Santa Barbara - Mission Santa Barbara.

Mission Santa Barbara is also known as the "Queen of the Missions." The beauty of this iconic landmark is compared to nothing. Many tourists visit here to embrace the beauty and glamour of this destination. You can also visit here by making Spirit airlines reservations

  • Explore Stearns Wharf with your family.

Stearns Wharf is one of the best destinations in Santa Barbara that offers breathtaking scenery of the beaches and harbour. This amazing tourist attraction was built in 1872 and once it was the longest deep-water pier which lies between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

  • Take a visit to the Santa Barbara County Courthouse.

This gorgeous and iconic building was completed in 1929 after an earthquake destroyed the entire city in 1925. After that, this building became a National Historic landmark. The architectural jewel of Santa Barbara is quite famous among history lovers from all over the world. 

  • Explore the beaches of Santa Barbara.

The beaches of Santa Barbara are among some of the popular and best beaches of Southern California. The glittering sand and spectacular blue ocean water make this place heaven for beach lovers. If you love beaches, then Santa Barbara beaches will be the best for you. 

  • Witness the beautiful animals at Santa Barbara Zoo.

Santa Barbara Zoo is one of the ultimate tourist destinations in Santa Barbara, where you can see many travellers from different countries and continents visit here to witness the beautiful animals. Santa Barbara Zoo is a kid-friendly destination, so if you have kids in your group, they will love this place. 

  • Why not spot the Humpback Whales?

Are you fond of whales? Or do you want to witness the Humpback whales with your bare eyes? If yes, then you can rent a Whale-watching cruise in Santa Barbara and have a tour of Whale watching. You can also spot Blue Whales and Gray Whales.

  • Visit the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and the Sea Center.

If you are fascinated by natural history and want to learn more about the sea, then the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and the Sea Centre can be the best place for you to visit. Don't miss this tourist attraction while exploring Santa Barbara.

  • Witness the beauty of several artifacts at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

Do you love artifacts? Are you fond of paintings & photography? If yes, then the Santa Barbara Museum of Art can be the best tourist destination for you to visit. This massive art museum has more than 27000 works of art with a time span of more than 5000 years. 

  • End your excursion by visiting Lotusland, Santa Barbara.

Yes, we are talking about one of the most beautiful and famous gardens in the world. You can find the Japanese Garden, the Theatre Garden, the Blue Garde and Palm Garden. Visit here and enjoy your holiday.