Read On The Ways To Troubleshoot A Disabled Ad Account On Meta

Meta owned and operated reputed social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It is one of the best resources that provides a convenient facility for selling the services and products on Facebook, Instagram using the business tool. Hence, if you are a Facebook account user, you are automatically connected with Meta, which provides help for business tolls, troubleshooting ads, account management service, content monetization, and more that usually comes for online business support service.  

Get details for the advertising restriction:

  • You can observe the advertisement when you open any social media website page and review the ads carefully. At this, Meta technologies are always there to monitor and investigate the behaviour and motive of the advertisers. It may apply the restriction to limit the ability to advertise on the same page that lead to disable your account. Such limitation warns you to protect your ability to promote and help people to save from poor experiences and support that you get with the help of Meta to protect your ad account.

Get the advertising restrictions for disabling an account in the following scenarios:

  • Meta always helps when you check the details for your businesses and suspect that the advertising is not working to promote your business and that someone could hack it.
  • If your advertisement doesn’t meet the two-factor authentication requirements for account security, you may experience a hack and compromised situation.
  • If you are new to promoting your business using Facebook and Instagram, you will be provided limited on the advertisement feature and follow the policies.
  • Your advertisement feature on the different social media website pages depends on the investment that you spend per day.   

Check out the policy to for your ad account:

  • If you want to protect your ad account on the Meta or other social media platforms, you need to check with the policy and restriction that may apply on your Meta business account suitably. take a look at the policies.

Meta Business account:

  • It is type of account that works for the centralises business services like Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, ad accounts and products catalogues that you use with the help of Meta technologies.

Add account service:

  • You will be provided by limit to use your advertisement service to make your business grow longer. It comes to manage your ads across Meta technologies which allows you to create ads and advertising campaigns. You have to pay for ads, and see insights and analytics that makes everything good for your online business.

User account service:

  • You can work for a user account like Instagram, Facebook, or any personal account. You can promote your business using an ad account and Meta technologies to manage your ad service on different website pages.
  • Thus, if you are facing such an issue and your account is disabled, you need to check the terms and policies or dial Meta Customer Support Number at 650-543-4800. Use this number to share your concern to get the answer from a representative team that is available to assist you properly.