5 Must-have Wooden Handicraft Items To Beautify Your Homes

5 Must-Have Wooden Handicraft items to beautify your homes

India, known for its rich culture and traditions, Handicraft being one of them. Handicraft is an important part of countries like India because it represents our culture and tradition. And the most essential, it promotes the heritage of a country through the use of indigenous materials. Moreover, it preserves traditional knowledge as well as the talents of people crafting them. Hence, we recommend beautifying our homes with handicraft items. 

Well, there are various types of handicrafts such as wooden handicrafts, clay, and pottery, leather, jute, shell, metal handicrafts, bamboo and cane, stone, bone, and Horn. However, the type of handicraft on which we will be focusing in this article is" WOODEN HANDICRAFTS".


Though there are various types of wooden handicraft items, handicraft items that we like the most and mostly recommend are listed below. 

1.Ganesha Sitting Handcrafted In Vaghai Wood 

The first wooden handicraft which we like is Ganesha sitting handcrafted in Vanghai Wood. Handcrafted in Karnataka, artisans have craved this artifact in the Vaghai wood artifact. The type of craftsmanship you will find in this artifact is incredible, the reason, the skills have been acquired from their forefathers. 


The creation of this wooden handicraft takes a lot of days and painstaking efforts. What makes this wooden handicraft item unique is "complex carvings combined with the traditional methods".

For people who are more into handicraft gifting, "Ganesha Sitting Handcrafted In Vaghai Wood " is the right product for them. Moreover, this item brings goodness and positivity.

For cleaning this product, clean it with a dry cloth.

2.Jaipur Style Hand Painted Box

The second wooden handicraft product that we recommend for beautifying your houses, Jaipur Style Handpainted Box. Jaipur Style Hand Painted Box has been designed in Rajasthan. The item has been designed in plywood and the size is 8x4 inches. 


To create beautiful pieces, artisans use vibrant colors more often. Moreover, the wooden cravings reflect Rajputana and Rajasthani art forms. 

To clean this wooden handicraft product, clean them with a dry cloth.

3.Ashtalaxmi Panel Handcrafted In Neem Wood

Ashtalaxmi Panel is one of the beautiful wooden handicraft pieces, craved in Andhra Pradesh. You will be surprised to know that Indian wood species hold a strong reputation in the wood industry. And speaking about Neem, well it has a distinct place and status in India which can't be replaced. 

Besides, medicinal properties, Neem holds a spiritual significance that goes deep in the ancient Hindu traditions. One of the important reason to beautify your home with Ashtalaxmi Panel is that the grains of neem wood is interlocked that enhances the strength and durability of Neem wood. Moreover, this wooden handicraft product is ideal for corporate gifting as well.


4.Bharatnatyam Handmade Wooden Art Pictures

One of the most incredible pieces of wooden handicrafts, Bharatnatyam Handmade Wooden Art Pictures. Just Wow. Well, this wooden handicraft work of art is a combination of outstanding craftsmanship, technology, manual expertise, and a creative mind. The different varieties of wood pieces, maintained of natural color, texture, and finish, are the features that make this wooden handicraft unique. Each wood in this product is handpicked. So if you are getting a product that is so authentic and beautiful, decorating your house with it becomes mandatory.


This 9x10 inch wooden handicraft product should be cleaned with a dry cloth and must be placed in a dry place.


5.Darban Handcrafted In Mango Wood 

The last wooden handicraft item which we have on our list is Darban Handcrafted In Mango Wood. Darban Handcrafted In Mango Wood is craved in Rajasthan. Mango wood is less likely to crack or splinter compared to other woods. This 12-inch statue wooden handicraft looks great on the corners of your living room. You can even place it on the balcony or near the stairs. This wooden handicraft product should be cleaned with a dry cloth.



Well, there is nothing best than decorating houses with wooden handicraft products and why not!. Our country is blessed with innumerable highly skilled artisans who have raised the eminence of Indian handicrafts around the globe. And it would be great if you support their work and appreciate your country's culture. Support their work so that we can see more such artifacts in near future.