Compact Yet Universal Gremsy Pixy U Good For Inspection, Mapping & Aerial Surveying

Compact Yet Universal Gremsy Pixy U Good for Inspection, Mapping & Aerial Surveying

If you are using drone technology for quite some time, then you must know that Gremsy is the leader in light-weight and heavy-duty commercial gimbals that built for both cinema as well as industrial applications. Actually Gremsy makes the sleekest gimbals for easy setup and operation that most drone users look for.

With complete pass-through wiring, the Gremsy Pixy offers a clean look, and it can be customized for any drone or any payload. The Pixy U is through and through compatible with Pixhawk and DJI Flight Controllers that supports autonomous flight as well as complete camera control. Thus, made it a comprehensive solution for the purpose of inspection, mapping, aerial surveying, inspection, and other applications!

Gremsy Pixy U Is Enough to fit Multiple Camera Mounting

Adapting to many different aerial missions has never been so fast as well as straightforward. But thanks to tilt axis rebuilt, just one Gremsy Pixy U is more than enough to fit multiple camera mounting. It is the time to get the best from your universal cameras system.

So, needless to mention, inheriting the best-in-class technology of the Pixy series, this Pixy U pushes the limits of what professionals can attain with a commercial gimbal. This compact stabilizer can easily carry universal dedicated cameras regardless of its modest size and microscopic one pound weight. Interesting! Isn’t it?

Compact and Lightweight Pixy U

If you are looking for a compact, yet lightweight gimbal, look no further than Pixy U. It is suitable for any circumstances. At just 465 gm and 18 cm when folded, it is your most versatile solution ever for various types of commercial applications. It is amazingly handy. So you can easily put in on your pocket, and you are good to go!

Gremsy Pixy U Makes Mapping a Breeze

The tilt angle can be highly adjustable to assist you attain optimum angle per mission. Thus, it will make your mapping or surveying a breeze. You just need to turn your desired mapping mode on with gTune by way of Bluetooth connection and let’s fly; as simple as that. Pixy U is highly useful for various types of mapping and inspection works. It is compact and lightweight gimbal widely used for commercial drone applications.

Upside down Perspective with New and Smart gTune

Very thanks to the inverted mode of Gremsy Pixy U, the movement of camera is firmly controlled to get unlimited of views so that you can easily capture all tiny details of your mapping or inspection works in a safe as well as effective way.

The best thing is – the new gTune interface is super-intuitive, ergonomic and multi-purpose. By adjusting and adding the profile per camera, you can get to optimize the parameters to ensure efficient operation of the entire system whilst having the best of best camera output.

Summing Up

If you are looking for an ergonomic and intuitive, yet easy to load and quickly adaptable gimbal, then look no other than Gremsy Pixy U. You can configure your gimbal with ease and comfort on the re-designed gTune interface. The newly available profiles set a new high standard of simplicity along with the promptness to any camera devices.

You don’t have to be convinced yourself of the advantages of using Pixy U if you are a pilot or associated with mapping, inspection or surveying because you know the usefulness of Gremsy Pixy. So putting an end here, it would be suggested to buy Pixy U from a reliable seller, and for that matter Air-Supply could be your choice.

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