All You Need To Know About Pediatric Examination/treatment Tables

The highlighting characteristics of these tables is that they are colorful and versatile that a child finds familiar. The extend of these features will vary depending upon the specific needs and requirements for the patients coming to the medical facility. These can add storage space in the pediatric exam room that can be used to store different medical supplies and items. These items may come equipped with or without convertible shelves. For most, you can find either furniture grade laminate or a solid fiberglass that is able to withstand even deep scratches. In this particular article, we are going to take you through some of the most essential information on these highly innovative items so that you are able to pick up the right product according to your special needs. 


The upholstery for the item is available in knit-backed, heavyweight, and stain resistant vinyl that has more than 2 inches of thick foam protection. There are some specialized treatment tables that come equipped with flat top or adjustable backrest support. The framework for the product can be implemented by either using steel or PVC-free materials along with reinforced stress joints. The much advanced and newer treatment table designs are available in heat molded plastic. These are easy to clean and maintain. They also come with rounded edges to ensure maximum safety of the child who is being examined. Children can easily climb on and explore these tables securely without their guardians worrying about it. 


The specific designs of the treatment tables that are used in a pediatric exam room are present in a zoo bus, fire truck, firefighter, various animals (dinosaurs, dolphin, bear, and turtle, etc.), pickup truck, and some particular themes with graphics that won’t easily go off. As we mentioned before, the bright colors and smiling faces that are present in the table can keep the child calm and soothe him or her in an otherwise intimidating environment. These treatment tables can be in the form of different kid-friendly tools such as animal head stethoscopes that the child can use during the examination/assessment to have some fun time and make themselves at ease. Other items present in kit may include exam table papers and colorful wall decals to brighten up the child and provide a fun atmosphere. Isn’t that excellent? Sure it is!


Consider this post and make the most of these less clinical looking tables for pediatric examination room and keep your child or your patient at ease during the examination or treatment session. There are various online as well as offline stores where you can avail such items. 

Author: The author is a blogger and the article is about pediatric exam tables.