Things To Remember When Buying Kids Shoes Online

Buying kids shoes are very different than getting shoes for yourself. There are various styles and sizes to choose from, and it can be overwhelming if you’re shopping online for the first time.

Many websites that offer men’s shoes and girl boots for sale near me also have a good collection of kids shoes. There are many things to keep in mind when buying footwear for your child because proper foot support during the growing years of a child is very important.

How a Child’s Feet Grows

The human foot keeps growing till the age of 18, but the first seven years of life are when the critical development happens. The foot size changes drastically when children are young, and ill-fitting shoes can not only cause discomfort but also lead to health problems.

It is important to measure your child’s feet properly before buying shoes for them online. If the kid does not feel comfortable in those shoes, try a different size or brand. Remember to measure your child’s feet every three or four months. Also, both the feet differ in size slightly, so buy shoes for the larger foot.

Also, unlike for adults, shoes for kids do not need ‘breaking in’. Your child should feel comfortable in the shoes from the beginning. Make sure you check the feet after your child walks in the shoes to see whether or not it’s too tight or irritating.

Toe Room and Flexibility Are a Must

The toe room in a kid’s shoes should not be too less nor too more. Half an inch of space between the front of the shoe and the longest toe is good enough. When the child walks, creases should form in the area right below the laces.

Also, the soles of the shoes should be flexible and thin so that they can bend without much effort. It ensures comfort and flexibility when the kid walk.

Check the Material

Shoes with cheap materials can hurt your child’s feet. Go for leather or any other breathable material instead of synthetic shoes. The insoles should be comfortable with ample cushioning. Check the insides of the shoes for stapling, stitching, or any rough material so that it doesn’t hurt your kid’s feet.

Do’s and Don’ts

Correct shoe material and size are critical for the health and development of your child’s feet. Here are some practices you should follow when shopping for kids shoes.

What to do:

  • Check the heels and toes regularly: As mentioned earlier, children’s feet grow very quickly. Make sure you check the shoes for toeing. Your kid might not outgrow the shoes through the toes, but the heels might start wearing out. If the heel wear is uneven, it might be a sign of a foot problem.

  • Watch out for redness:  Look for any redness or irritation, which might indicate that the shoes are either too loose or too tight. In case your child complains or keeps wanting to remove a shoe or both, it is a clear sign that the fit of the shoes is poor.

  • Try shoes in the afternoon: Human feet swell slightly during the day, and you need to ensure that the shoes fit the best during this time. Make your kid try shoes on in the afternoon to ensure all-day comfort.

What not to do:

  • Don’t buy heavy shoes: Shoes that are too heavy can cause irregular walking patterns in kids. This could cause developmental problems later on.

  • Do not reuse: If you have more than one child, do not hand down their footwear to the younger one just because they fit. Not all feet are the same, and having the same shoe size doesn’t mean it will fit two children the same way. Also, sharing shoes can not only cause fungi and infection.

  • Do not ignore discomfort: In most cases, your child will complain of any discomfort or pain in the foot caused by the shoes. Do not ignore this and get your kid’s feet checked by a doctor.


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