Potted Coffee Trees Are Perfectly Feasible

Potted coffee trees are perfectly feasible.


1.Seeds: they can be collected from themselves or from friends.vertical farming racks


2.Seed treatment: carefully cut a small opening in the skin with a knife or scissors, and then peel off the skin. Be careful not to hurt the nuts inside.


3.Planting: the treated seeds can be planted directly or soaked before planting. Direct planting is simple, and the seed is directly placed in vermiculite, and the thickness of soil covering on the surface is consistent with the thickness of seeds; The water is different in length according to the seasons. If it is spring and autumn, the time can be longer, and summer is shorter. It is better to use cold water to reduce the loss of nutrition of seeds. After soaking water, as in front, it is also put into vermiculite, and the surface is covered with soil.


4.Emergence: spring and autumn planting, about 30 days; In summer, 7-10 seedlings were planted. Although there is heating in winter, there are seasonal differences with summer, so the emergence time is also very long.


5.Transplanting: when the true leaves of the seedlings grow, they can be transplanted. When choosing flower pot, the diameter of the mouth is the same as the crown diameter of the plant. The root system can be put in and can be extended.


6.Selection of basin soil: the basin soil I choose is very simple, there are two kinds of soil: one is garden soil. The garden soil can be maintained well; The second is three in one: peat, vermiculite, perlite = 3:2:2.


7.Maintenance points:

(1) Soil requirements: strictly speaking, coffee also likes weak acid soil, but it is not strict. So the garden soil and the soil of three in one can ensure its normal growth. If some fermented rice washing water is poured properly during the growth period, it will be helpful to keep the acidity of soil. Do not wash rice water, with the ordinary dry water, also grow well.

(2) When watering, the water is dry and wet. The water demand of young seedlings is large. If there is a little carelessness, the seedlings will dry slightly, so pay attention to it. The basin soil should not be dried too much. A year later, the seedlings will be drought resistant, even if the water is slightly insufficient, it will not affect its growth.

(3) Light: coffee likes light, without sunlight, it will grow badly. But summer also avoid exposure, sun exposure will cause damage to the leaves, the best place to have scattered light to spend summer;

(4) Fertilizer: coffee is not required to be fertilizer. I usually insert the horseshoe directly into the basin, and slowly dissolve and release the fat by watering.

(5) Change basin. annually. Remove the old roots and plant some of the original soil into the new basin.



(1) Coffee is a tree, so in the growth period, the leaves below will gradually grow old and yellowing, which is a normal phenomenon of plant growth, without panic, pay attention to clean up the yellow leaves of old leaves in time;

(2) It takes three years for coffee to bloom. The flower has the fragrance similar to jasmine, which is lighter than jasmine, and the latter has the bitter and astringent coffee. The flowering period is from February to may, and the flowering is constant. After the flower results. The fruit is green. No artificial pollination.

(3) To make coffee trees flourish, it is necessary to shoot properly to promote the germination of its lateral branches and have a good-looking crown.

(4) As the coffee tree grows older, the trunk will be lignified, and the color of the stem will change from green to yellowish brown, and the epidermis is chapped. Normal, don't mind.