Dorbuk Visitor Management System: A Brief Discussion



Dorbuk visitor management system comes as a secure, streamlined, and cloud-based software program to transform the reception area of office space. Are you a businessperson and looking for ensuring solid safety and security in your organization? Yes? Then, you need to use a top-notch visitor management system like the Dorbuk visitor management system. Moreover, apartments and schools, where security must be a top-notch concern, should also use the Dorbuk visitor management system.

A number of families want to leave no stone unturned to maintain the best possible safety and security. They should start using the Dorbuk visitor management system. The software enables the family members to keep track of each and every visitor every day with the ace. Even the Dorbuk visitor management system sends notifications to the users whenever they are out of the home.


Dorbuk Visitor Management System: Invite Visitors

When it comes to keeping safety and security for space, Visitor Management System or VMS comes as the topmost priority of most people. Nowadays, most corporate offices, educational institutes, and security firms have started using VMS.

However, it is a must to make use of a best-in-class, feature-loaded visitor management system, such as the Dorbuk visitor management system. In short, the Dorbuk visitor management system is a secure, contemporary, and smart system for checking-in visitors. It offers a professional approach to monitor each and every visitor in an easy-to-use way.

The Dorbuk web portal or mobile application enables the designated office employee to fill up the guests’ details and invite them by sending the PIN (6-digit). When the respective visitor reaches the reception, he/she can complete the checking-in process with the 6-digit PIN without any external help.

The software also helps the organization to verify the visitor’s identity and ensure that the visitor has a valid reason for checking in the office space.

In short, not only for office spaces but the Dorbuk visitor management system is also suitable for any person, who wants to boost the security in the premises and wants to take the charge of monitoring visitors. In other words, the Dorbuk visitor management system has streamlined the entire process of generating PIN, inviting guests, and verifying them. It increases the efficiency and brand image of a business.


Dorbuk Visitor Management System: Real-time Host Notifications

Dorbuk visitor management system comes as an advanced software program. It can send mobile push notifications, emails, and text messages to the designated employee of the office to let him/her know about the arrival of the visitor. Even every department of an office can expect to receive separate guest arrival alerts. As a result, the employees can stay prepared for the conference or meeting.

The guest arrival alerts of the Dorbuk visitor management system consist of the name of the guest, image, check-in date & time, and the reason for the visit. However, some other information can also be gathered during the time of checking-in.

Furthermore, the Dorbuk visitor management system comes as an advanced software program to get real-time information about the visitors of a space. The instant SMS notification helps the users to stay away from a long-hour conversation.

Since the software provides real-time notifications, no visitor can enter invalid or false details. Thus, the software program helps the designated employee of the office to ensure the safety and security of the premises.

What if a visitor forgets or deletes the check-out time? The Dorbuk visitor management software can monitor which visitor has stayed for longer or extended the meeting time-frame. In short, the software program can make sure that the respective premises keep away from unwanted check-ins.


Stay Updated with Dorbuk Visitor Management System

You might know that real-time reporting is a cumbersome task for the designated office employees. However, the Dorbuk visitor management system is there to boost the security of a space by providing the needed real-time reports and analytics.

The real-time information helps the organization to be familiar with each and every visitor with ease without any delay. Thus, it gets possible to analyze the people who are checking-in and checking-out the premises. As a result, the authorized software user can monitor the visitant tracking and ensure safety and security by allowing only verified guests.

Moreover, the software also lets the authorized user check which visitor has not checked out or is present on the premises for longer. The in-depth information is at the fingertips of the Dorbuk visitor management system’s users.

The software also displays the visitant information in terms of monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly basis in Excel or PDF format. Thus, the organization can perform a more in-depth analysis of the visitor details.