Second Wave, How Prepared Are We?

Exactly a year back from now, many countries have listened to a door knock of coronavirus at their doorstep. It's been a time where many startup companies faced an unexpected situation. Corporate giants were forced to shut down their units and offices so that they can neutralize damages to headcounts in their staff. Almost every single business across the globe was impacted badly. Governments from different countries had taken the only decision they had for saving lives and declared a complete locked down in their countries. Human lives had seen the whole world closed like never before in their evolutionary history.

Businesses without any contingency plans and financial backup couldn't survive in this pandemic situation. Companies had to keep their operations in motion by granting their employees to work from home and connect with their domestic and international clients from remote locations. At such a catastrophic turn, Internet technology turned out to be a blessing for human lives. Educational institutes, the eCommerce Industry, Software companies, and many other diversified business verticals kept their work in motion and stayed connected with their prospects through the Internet medium. For the first time, business owners understood the importance of websites and mobile applications. They understood that implementing the digital solution offers an organized and easy to survive platform even in pandemic situations. Website development and mobile application development projects have finally got their true attention in the global market. Demands for launching a new website and mobile application for different businesses are on fire.


As one of the prominent and leading software companies in India, RK WebTechnology is getting more and more leads from different businesses to help them in implementing automation to their routine business operations and support them in handling their online interactions with customers via websites and mobile applications. In addition to this, our database management experts are being consulted through many one-to-one client meetings for getting insight for keeping their business data safe from any accidental damages.


After a year, our society has started facing similar problems of infected corona patients in society. Governments from different states and countries are looking at this drastic change as an impact of Corona Virus Second Wave in the market due to the rapid amplification in infected case registrations worldwide. Unlike last time, business owners are making their decisions based on their experience now and adopting digital transformation in handling their offline and online business operations. Experienced business analysts have foreseen the potential valuation of digitization in different businesses and also shared their insights about how beneficial it will be for businesses if they implement web-based solutions by this early stage.


With an elegant and professional-looking website and user-friendly mobile applications, business owners ain't only getting leads from across the globe, but also get in touch with their prospects through digital medium even in the worst situation of locked-down. Websites set business owners free from handling online interactions with their customers and helps them in processing their data flawlessly through interactive website functionalities. Websites offer online money transfer facilities and help people to do online shopping no matter where they are. On the other side, mobile applications continuously keep business owners updated with the latest trends in the market, and in addition to this, they also help them for getting needful inputs from their customers at their convenient time through push notifications and other awesome features.


Together websites and mobile applications have been helping business owners in reducing their overall operating costs, collecting insightful data, and keep their business operations in motion without any Geographical barriers.


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