Why Am I Not Receiving My Sms Code From Facebook? Get All Details Here

Facebook is very strict with its privacy policy this is the reason, it provides many layers of security to build a shield to protect your data. The giant social media networking platform gives you many features to make changes to your profile. But if you have set up some security to your account, in that case, you need to verify the ownership. And to prove that you need to enter a Facebook confirmation code.

Besides, if you are not able to get the confirmation code and wonder how to fix Facebook confirmation code not receiving issue, you should go through this post to get all details.

When Facebook Confirmation Code Is Not Received on Email

Avoid User Error - There are times when you accidentally use the wrong domain or misspell the email address. And due to which you can't receive a Facebook confirmation code to recover your account. So, you need to make sure you have entered the correct email address.

Check Email Settings - It may be the case that you have set filters on your email account and that can cause Facebook confirmation code not receiving issue. Also, check the spam, junk, or social mailbox to find the confirmation code.

When Facebook Confirmation Code Is Not Received on Phone Number

Verify the Phone Number - Before doing anything else, you should check the mobile number that you entered while creating an account.

In case you find that you have entered the wrong phone number, you can edit the number by clicking the Wrong Number?

Further, you can see the option to enter a correct phone number, enter it, and click Add.

Resend the SMS for Verification Code - Once you added the correct number to your Facebook account, you should select the 'Did you not get the SMS?' option.

Then you should choose the Send SMS Again option to receive the Facebook confirmation code.

Request a Phone Call Instead of SMS - If you don't receive the Facebook code after doing the above steps, you can select the 'Did you not get the SMS?' option.

Then you are required to select the 'Call' option to get a phone call from Facebook to receive the confirmation code.

This is how you will be able to get a confirmation code. And you will no longer worry about Why am I not Receiving my SMS Code from Facebook? In case the confirmation code is still not received, you can try to login to your trusted device. If you have set any device as trusted, you can use your Facebook account without any hassle. Otherwise, you need to contact tech support.