Job-oriented Courses For Mechanical Engineering Students

the courses specially designed for mechanical engineering students to start new career after graduation. Or easily say that, Add-on Courses after graduation to get a job in a particular industry or to get career growth. It also helps to get technical knowledge and skills for a special or particular industry that the course is dealing with. Most of the job-oriented courses are dealing with technical studies of a single and selected industry. Like diploma in oil and gas deals with only the oil and gas industry. Likewise, MEP course deals with Mechanical electrical plumbing sections of a building. 


Why should I join in a job-oriented Course? 


After completing the mechanical engineering, you can choose automotive industry, energy sector, designing, robotics, … as your career. After completing mechanical engineering, you may don’t have enough knowledge and skill for working in an industry. 

The academic career is not giving enough in-depth knowledge for working in the industry that you are choosing. When we cut down each industry within the syllabus, the graduation cannot enough skill and knowledge for working in the industry, but it gives overall idea. For Example, if you are choosing robotics for your career the single mechanical engineering graduation may not give the necessary knowledge to work in the industry. 

From an academic career, you will get basic knowledge in the all the topics that included in the syllabus. 

Sometimes you probably get training by the recruiting company, which will give you in depth knowledge in the job that you are going to seek. But it only gives information and training related to your job. 

And in most cases, you needed to acquire priorly the skills needed for the industry. You can satisfy the needs of recruiter by a job-oriented course. 

There are many job-oriented courses available for mechanical engineers.  Some of them are provided by Adi institute of quality engineers. 

Adi institute Of Quality Engineers is one of the reputed institutes in south India, Kerala providing job-oriented courses for mechanical engineering students. 

Most selected courses by mechanical engineering (diploma (3 year) and B.E, bachelor of engineering) students are; 


  • HVAC- 1 month 

  • NDT-1 month 

  • QA QC-3 months 


Oil and gas Engineering 

Oil and gas industry is one of the biggest industries in the world in terms of dollar value. There are different kind of job opportunities within the industry.  This course is covering different sections that a student probably going to work. Rigging, Refining, Quality, Safety... are some of the different sections within the oil and gas industry. 

Adi institute’s diploma in oil and gas engineering is a 6- month course covering piping engineering, QA QC, NDT, Safety, Rigging technologies, Refining... And how to work under pressure situations. 

The Course is developed by industry experts. 


MEP course 

MEP-Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing are different and 3 important aspects of any building. it can be skyscrapers, malls, hotels, restaurants, houses, apartments and other type of building... The designing and implementation of these 3 aspects would get difficult when the buildings become bigger and bigger. Without the help of technical expert’s skills, it will get very difficult to implement. And here lies the opportunities for MEP designer. 

MEP course is ideal for both electrical and mechanical engineering students. 

‘Adi institute of Quality engineers’ is one of the best course providers in Kerala. 

Adi institute MEP course is a 3-months training programs that covers all the topics; documentation, designing, implementation, cost estimation, maintenance and operations of MEP. 


QA/QC Course 

Quality assurance and Quality control are always important in any industry. These two functions for preventing and identifying defects for the products and overall company. It can include machineries, workers, equipment's, atmosphere in the industry, tools... 

If defect is not detected or not prevented, it can lead into massive disaster and it ends in big loss for company interns of man power and money.  And also, some company's small error can lead to loss of thousands of common citizens lives. Especially, oil and gas, nuclear... can end up in disaster of one country's sustenance. 

That why a QA QC inspector always are important and in demand. 

Adi institute is providing separate QA QC course for Mechanical as well as civil stream students. QA QC is 3-month program designed by Adi institute. The QA QC mechanical are more related with oil and gas industry rather than a broad and wide section. 



HVAC is the system providing heating and cooling for residential as well as commercial buildings.  

The course is a 3-month program for getting a career in it or expanding career potential. 


Piping and pipeline Engineering 

This course covers the topics such as the drawings, standards, isometric drawings, components Propeties and standards of pipes used in any pipeline system... This is a one-month program for mechanical engineering students. 


NDT Course 

Non-Destructive testing method Course is covers 8 type of Testing Methods. RT, PT, UT, MPT, Eddy current testing, VT, … This is a one-month course designed by industry experts.