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People are quite embarrassed while dealing with unknown situations. You should be prepared enough to manage your stuff so that to save yourself from embarrassing situations. Same in case of medical exams because the majority of the applicants don’t have any idea about the test procedure and other related stuff. Here we will provide you information about some medical exam tips related to AMC Cat Mcq Examination which is highly popular among international applicants. At the beginning of your journey of preparation, make sure you will have enough information regarding all aspects. You need to cover three major things at a broader level which are:

  • How to apply for the Australian medical council exam and what is it all about?
  • Where we can get material and content related to the test?
  • How much it costs to apply for this test?

For most of the international applicants, it is important to be noted all things from a basic level t major aspects. This exam known as the AMC exam is an independent examination body in Australia which controls or handles the standards of medical education. Not only had this particular exam which is held every year but also managed the training of the medical professionals. What AMC does is that it takes the test and evaluates the score of students. With the combination of exam scores and previous academic scores, the overall results will show the points of a student to get enrolled in a college. It is required for every medical student to take an exam to score eligibility for studying in Australia.

Moving towards our next question which is related to the course material, students can consult the online portals. Several websites are available where you can get relevant information. The basic idea of this exam is that it consists of several Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), almost 250 questions and one has to secure at least 150 scores in the exam. In case an individual fails to do so, will lead to result recorded as Fail.

Keep one thing in your mind that this exam is highly competitive due to a large number of students apply for every year. You should have a good academic score to compete with international students. Also, medical colleges in Australia have high standards and quality education. With pout any doubt you can compare the USLME and AMC exam Australia with the same weight. 


Different academic sites and online portals specific for medical educations can guide you with the course content. You can also use a free mock test for the AMC exam preparation. You may try it if you are interested in learning how the MCQs are structured.