Tips To Prepare Your Car For The Mot Test

If your MOT test is coming up and you want to deck up for it, go on and read this article. We have listed here some unique and useful tips that will help you sail smoothly through the MOT. Let's get started. 


What is the MOT test?

If you are new to the MOT test thing, let us first have a clear picture of the MOT Test Leicester. You will not need it if you have recently bought your car. However, if your vehicle is anywhere above three years old, you need to know what an MOT test is.


Mandatory by the UK authorities, the MOT is an annual test that every car over three years old has to go through. In this test, the vehicles are checked thoroughly for roadworthiness, their conditions, safety measures, exhaust emissions, and so on.


In simple words, the MOT test is where your car's condition is checked thoroughly for the safety and protection of the driver, rider, and the general public. 


What can you do before the MOT test?

Believe us when we say, the MOT test is very meticulous about the tiniest details. Your vehicle may fail the test for a minor thing, so it's better to be aware. Here are some things that you can prepare before attending the MOT test.


Check your mirrors

Mirrors are essential when you drive, and the MOT pays close attention to these. Therefore, before going in for your MOT test, make sure that all your mirrors are in good condition and are intact. 


Ensure enough tyre tread

Tyre treads are important for both the MOT test and your lives. If your tyres do not have enough tread, having a proper grip over them will be difficult. This can prove fatal to your life.


If you are found on the road without the required tyre tread depth, you can be fined as high as £2,500. Therefore, before you go in for the MOT, ensure that all your tyres are in the right working conditions and have enough tread depth in them. 


Check the brake fluid 

Brake fluid is important, and they will be checked during the MOT. Here is what you need to do when it comes to the brake fluid:

• Ensure that you have topped up your brake fluid. (The fluid should be between the 'min' and 'max' marking within the master cylinder) 

• If your fluid colour is brown, you need to change it. It should either be clear or have an amber tone.

• Make sure you get the right fluid for the right model. 

Ensure functional lights 

Much like the other features, your car's lights are essential. Therefore, before heading for the MOT test, make sure all your lights are functioning well. Ensure that none of the headlights or backlights is broken and in right working conditions. 


Have your car cleaned

Lastly, and this one is as important as the others, make sure that your car is clean. Presenting a clean car will make a good impression on the examiners. Therefore, make sure that your vehicle is clean both on the inside and outside. Keep your windshield and lights free of any smudges and make sure that your number plates are clean and readable. 


Getting a pass certificate from the MOT Test Leicester is not hard if you follow the rules and regulations and keep your car in good condition. The next time you get ready for the MOT test, follow these tips, and you will be good to go.