Hyderabad To Get 300 Ev Charging Stations Installed: Hyd7am

Hyderabad to get 300 EV charging stations installed: HYD7AM

Hyderabad News: Over the past few years, the state government of Telangana and the Indian government is pushing toward the use of renewable energy sources. For the same, the governments have been encouraging the people to use electric vehicles but the major setback is the lack of sufficient public charges across the nation and in Hyderabad city too.

To overcome the situation about 300 Electric Vehicle charging station EV stations will be installed in Hyderabad city alone. As of now, Hyderabad city has only 150 EV charging stations while India has around 2,877public charging stations overall across 68 cities. Setting up as many as 300 EV stations will encourage the public to shift to electric vehicles. These Electric Vehicle charging stations will be installed within Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) limits and within Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority jurisdiction.

What is an EV Station?

An EV Station or Electric Vehicle Charging station is simply a charging point where you can charge your electric vehicle battery.  Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) or simply charger is a piece of equipment that supplies electrical power for charging plug-in electric vehicles (including hybrids, neighbourhood electric vehicles, trucks, buses, and others).

How Much does it Cost to install EV stations?

As per Future Energy’s Data the cost for installing a Level two EV station is approximately 6000 USD in Indian currency it would cost around INR 4-5Lakshs per port. 

TSREDCO Official revealed that  It would cost about Rs 18 per kWh and the prices will be revised later.  Indira Park, KBR Park Gate1, Santosh Nagar (near Owaisi Hospital) and the Uppal metro station parking area were some of the places confirmed to get the EV stations will be installed.  

According to the statement from, GHMC officials these EV stations will be set up for every 3 km distance, and based on the requirement the number of EV stations will be increased in a particular area. The GHMC official added the proposal for setting up the news charging points EV stations in Hyderabad city has been paced before GHMC standing committee and it will be approved. According to the official, the EV Stations will be set up based on the revenue-sharing model both by GHMC and TSREDCO

The facilities will be installed on a revenue-sharing model as mutually agreed by the GHMC and TSREDCO. The government of Telangana State has been actively encouraging the people of Telangana to shift to electric vehicles and recently a web portal “TSEV – Telangana’s first electric mobility awareness” has been launched. For More details about Electric Vehicles and EV charging stations Visit

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