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Tips For Griha Pravesh Puja For Your Housewarming Ceremony

Tips for Griha Pravesh Puja for Your Housewarming Ceremony

Purchasing another house is the start of one more part in one's life, and who might want to begin it on a promising day and welcome great energy into their home? Griha Pravesh puja, generally called a housewarming capability, is a Hindu exhibit of commitment performed preceding moving into one more home to safeguard it from negative energy. Anyway, to get the awards of Griha Pravesh pooja, you ought to recollect explicit Griha Pravesh customs to guarantee that your new house passes wealth and incredible prosperity on to the family.

At the point when you've chosen a day for your griha pravesh muhurat, this moment is the best opportunity to start orchestrating your griha pravesh pooja. Take a gander at the Griha Pravesh pooja thoughts and critical Griha Pravesh do's and don'ts preceding moving into your new home.


Pravesh Puja Griha

Griha Pravesh has different additional names in various tongues. In Hindi, the celebration is known as Griha Pravesh, Griha Pravesham in Telugu, a housewarming in English, and Grihoprobesh in Bengali. Griha Pravesh Puja is an especially significant capability performed to get gifts from the Indian Gods and Goddesses to defend the home and fill it with positive energy.


This custom should be done on a promising day and preceding moving into another home; it is a critical piece of the Griha Pravesh rules and guidelines. Ponder the going with Griha Pravesh customs before the housewarming administration.


Housewarming Suggestions: Griha Pravesh Puja Dos Tip 1: Move while the construction work is finished.

The primary piece of Griha Pravesh puja is to move into the new house right when the advancement is done and the house is ready for inhabitance. Before picking a day for pooja, ensure that the house is done with all key establishments, for instance, doorways, windows, wall paint, and electrical affiliations. It is in like manner recommended that you rest in your new house with your family the night of the puja day.


Tip 2 for Griha Pravesh Puja: Decorate the entry for Griha Pravesh Puja.

Preceding the help, finish the chief entry. The essential entrance or principal house entrance fills in as an entryway for individuals as well concerning great prosperity and accomplishment. As it is the critical substance of Vastu Purush and is known as the Simha Dwar, it is one of the primary portions of the home and should be ornamented with blooms. Make a rangoli at the entrance and severe pictures like a symbol or Goddess Lakshmi's feet to make your major segment warm and locking in.


Tip 3 for Griha Pravesh Puja: Create a Mandala for Griha Pravesh.

A mandala painting should be done during the housewarming custom to bring all of the divine beings and planets and sales their gifts.


Griha Pravesh Puja Tip 4: It is perfect to break a coconut on Griha Pravesh.

Preceding going into the house, break a coconut at the entryway; it is envisioned that the most well-known approach to breaking the coconut favors the home and kills any blocks from your way.


Tip 5: Clean the house preceding doing Griha Pravesh Puja.

To welcome the god and their gifts into your new home, it makes a big difference to suitably clean the house before to the Griha Pravesh puja. Clean the floor with salt water to kill any horrendous energy and to filter the house before puja.


Griha Pravesh Puja Tip 6: Enter with the right foot first.

You ought to go into the house on the suitable foot to get abundance and positive karma. So recall this basic griha pravesh tip as you go into the house upon the appearance of griha pravesh puja.


Mango leaves and lemon string for Griha Pravesh Puja Tip 7

During the griha pravesh puja, a string involving mango leaves and lemons is placed on the passage entryway. Mango passes on are used considering the way that they can acclimatize negative energy.


Griha Pravesh Puja Tip 8: Construct a safe-haven in your home.

Upon the appearance of Griha Pravesh puja, develop a safe-haven in your home. According to Vastu, the safe-haven should be arranged in the upper east corner of the house, and the photos and symbols of Gods should be placed in the east-bound course of your home.


Griha Pravesh Puja Tip 9: During puja, play a Shankh.

A Shankh should be blown energetically during puja functions since it is seen for spreading off-kilter energies.


Griha Pravesh Puja Tip 10: Plan a concordance havan and puja.

Before moving into another home, do a havan, followed by Ganesh puja, Vastu Dosh puja, and Navgraha Shanti puja to clean the energy and embed the home with brilliant vibrations. Convey the havan Kunda or the havan holder into each room; the havan smoke contains accommodating parts that demolish any terrible energy.


Tip 11 of Griha Pravesh Puja: Boil milk to lean toward the new home.

Foaming milk upon the appearance of the housewarming administration is another basic Griha Pravesh custom. On Puja day, thought percolating milk conveys overflow to the home. The lady of the home ought to warm up the milk in the new house's kitchen, using another stuff. The rice is then added to the gurgling milk to make sweet rice prasad, which is served during the pooja functions and likewise passed on to everyone.


Tip 12: Plan feasts for the ministers following the Griha Pravesh Puja.

After the Griha Pravesh pooja, you should fittingly deal with the priest, request his blessings, and suggestion banquets to everyone and recognize their caring words.


Don'ts during Griha Pravesh Puja 1. Make an effort not to move into the house during Holi.

2. You shouldn't keep the home quit for the day upon the appearance of the Griha Pravesh puja. To invite splendid security, you ought to light a fire.

3. Do whatever it takes not to leave the home empty, and fill it with all of the crucial articles in the range of three days following the Griha Pravesh puja.

4. The housewarming administration should be avoided if there are pregnant women in the family then again in case a family member or direct connection has died.

Since Griha Pravesh Puja is simply coordinated once for a property, it is essential to zero in on everything about ensure the entire event is finished impeccably. The going with things are fundamental for the custom to guarantee the Griha Pravesh puja is done serenely:


•             Pooja will be performed on Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi's objects of love.

•             A Kalash, is a pot of water or milk.

•             Incense sticks, normal items, sweets, turmeric, bloom petals, and blooms are significant pooja stock.

•             To coordinate havan, you will require a havan vessel, wood, desi ghee, and havan powder.

•             Make an effort not to bring products into your new home until the Griha Pravesh puja or house warming capability is done.


What are the benefits of performing Griha Pravesh Puja?

•             The Griha Pravesh puja shields the dwelling place from abominable look and attracts specific energy.

•             Offers thriving, extraordinary prosperity, and positive karma on the family who lives in the home.

•             With splendid vibrations and a wonderful inclination, it refines and spiritualizes the incorporating and natural elements of the house.

•             It upholds the clearing of any obstructions experienced on one's new way.

•             The Griha Pravesh puja ensures that the divinities and the nine planets safeguard the home and the owner from any terrible happenings.

Vastu Tips For Your Home

•             A couple of minor changes to your home could help you with restoring Vastu lacks. Along these lines, if your new home isn't Vastu predictable, the following are an essential yet convincing approaches to fixing the Vastu for home without requiring any changing.

•             Hanging green-concealed scenes or materials towards north energizes progression and additional opportunities.

•             Above support points should not be presented rapidly over the bed. As another choice, you could try a fake rooftop.

•             Keep an open and broad focal point of the house; an obstructed spot is a fundamental wellspring of horrendous energy.

•             As shown by Vastu Shastra, the children's room should defy southwest.

•             Green tends to advancement, quietness, and concordance; as needs be, add house plants to your home to make positive energy.


Here are some basic and critical Vastu thoughts for your home passage:


•             The home section doorway should be the greatest entrance in your home.

•             According to Vastu, create two or three stages at the section so your home isn't on the ground level.

•             Use phenomenal wood for your front entrance.

•             To avoid cash incident, manufacture a stone or wood limit before the essential doorway.

•             Since extraordinary possibilities are welcomed, make a direct nameplate that is easy to see.

•             Place a trash container away from the essential entrance.

•             The entrance should not be arranged near the wall's entrance.

•             Presenting a dim doorway could attract horrible energy.

•             Confirm that your foremost doorway doesn't face another fundamental segment to your property.

Keep going Thoughts on Griha Pravesh Puja

To summarize, while moving into another home, there are different fascinating focuses, for instance, picking a promising day, ensuring that the design work is done, and doing the griha pravesh puja while recalling all necessities, to ensure energy and goodness.


Consequently, here is our once-over of Griha Pravesh puja rules and guidelines to recollect while doing the Griha Pravesh puja. These Griha Pravesh considerations and rules will adjust the appalling outcomes and give significant pleasure to the home and its inhabitants.


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