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A 6-step Guide For The Potential Buyers To Make An Offer On House

A 6-Step Guide for the Potential Buyers to Make an Offer on House

The real estate market is competitive, with plenty of potential buyers in search of the perfect home. It is tricky to make an offer on the property since you don't want to spend more than required to acquire a house. On the other hand, the buyers may reject the offer if someone offers a few thousand pounds more. 

Therefore, it requires thorough research of the market and process to find the right price for the place. You can take help from the experts to make an offer the sellers can't reject. However, their services' price may seem unnecessary since the steps are easy to understand for a new buyer.

Tips to Make a Hard-to-Refuse Offer on House

The experts and agents in the real estate markets are aware of the factors that make the deal sound more attractive. You can learn from the experts or the online community to sweeten the deal for the sellers. They may suggest a cash offer to give the sellers assurance of easy payment.

Moreover, you can help them with the title transfer and closing the deal by offering them the payment. Sellers suddenly feel that they need money urgently, as the short closing period forces them to do so. They don't have to wait for the payment to move to a new place.

If you want to convince the homeowner, you have a choice of writing a personal letter to him. You can also take the preapproval to create a better profile for the ownership. You can contact a direct lender for loans in Ireland for the unemployed to get the preapproval.

Pointers to have an Attractive Offer for the home 

An effective offer letter includes the best price of the house along with some proposals to make the deal more attractive. Increasing the price is not the only solution to convince the seller to consider your offer. Follow the steps mentioned below to create an attractive offer to buy your dream house within the budget.

·         Find Affordability

You need to find affordability before starting the search for the house. Buying a house is could be the biggest financial decision of your life. Therefore, one mistake can cause immeasurable financial troubles for a long duration.

You have a choice of hiring a financial expert who can prepare your house budget. While doing this, your primary aim should be on the installments only and analysis on the loan affordability. Numerous others charges are involved, from loan application to title transfer in buying a house.

Do not fall for the preapproved amount to measure your affordability for the loan. The lenders may offer an amount more than a borrower can afford. Therefore, assess your financial condition with a comprehensive analysis before setting a budget for the house.

·         Discuss the Offer with an Agent

Before sending the offer letter to the seller, you should discuss the amount with the agent. The professional has the actual ideal of the house. By doing this, you can save plenty of money as you have vital suggestions from the professionals. 

You should tell the budget for the house beforehand to visit the affordable properties. They might show some extravagant houses for a bigger cut in the deal. Nevertheless, you should stick to the budget to comfortably manage the repayment.

·         Create and Submit the Offer

An offer on the house includes various components such as offer price, contingencies, down payment, and earnest money. You need to provide a timeline to complete the transaction within the offer letter.

The financial part of the offer starts with an offered price on the house. You need to offer an amount that aligns with the value of the house and your affordability. Expect serious competition for good properties and work on the down payment, earnest money and closing cost to improve the offer.

Contingencies are an extremely important part of an offer letter containing some conditions for the deal to occur. The buyer or seller can refuse to close the deal if these conditions are not met. A home inspection, appraisal, sale, and financing contingencies will require your signature in the offer.

·         Check the Seller's Reply

The seller will send a response to your offer after comparing it with the others. You should remain calm and polite if the offer is rejected for some reason. Based on your affordability, you can offer much better prices for your living space. 

Once your offer gets accepted, you can initiate closing the deal. We have discussed the closing process in the sixth step. Make sure the contingencies are met before the deal is finalized.

·         Create Plan to Fight Competition

If your offer is rejected, there is a very good chance of stiff competition from other buyers. You need to outmatch their offer to the seller with a better price or fewer contingencies. Remember, it can even take a bidding war to secure a house in your favorite neighborhood.

As mentioned above, you should increase the earnest money deposit or down payment to create an impression of serious buyers. If you have enough money in the account, add the escalation clause in the offer letter.  

·         Start the Closing Process

Once the offer is accepted, it is time to start the closing process with the necessary actions. You should consult the experts to compile the list of required documents for the process. It will take some time to get the documents reviewed and the title transferred.

You are allowed to negotiate on the process after the thorough inspection of the house. The contingencies in the offers allow the buyers to walk away from the deal in case of something wrong with the deal. After the negotiation, you can finalize the contract and fill the application form for the mortgage.


To sum up, buying a house is not easy if you are not aware of the market and negotiation techniques. You should not leave a house for minor damages as they can help during the negotiation process. In addition, you should not spend beyond the means to become a part of the poor house population.