Coating Line Design: Pre-treatment, Painting And Drying

Coating Line design: Pre-treatment, Painting and Drying

The coating production line mainly consists of pre-treatment electrophoresis line, sealed bottom coating line, medium coating line, top coating line, finishing line and its drying system. The quality of our coating equipment or machinery is top-notch, with high productivity and good performance, suitable cost performance, and most importantly, our company is trustworthy.


Pre-treatment equipment

Spray multi-station pretreatment unit is a common surface treatment equipment, the principle is the use of mechanical flushing to accelerate the chemical reaction to complete the process of oil removal, phosphating, washing and other processes.


Full immersion method

The aluminum is completely immersed in the tank solution, to be treated for a period of time and then removed to complete the goal of oil removal or rust removal phosphating. The geometry of the workpiece is different, as long as the liquid can reach the place, can achieve the goal of treatment, which is the unique advantage of the immersion method, is the spray, brush coating can not be compared.


Full spraying method

The liquid is pressurized by a pump, and the pressure of 0.1~0.2Mpa makes the liquid form a mist and spray on the workpiece to achieve the treatment effect. The processing speed is accelerated and the time is shortened.


Double Sides & Double Coatings Line


Paint spraying equipment

The paint spraying produced by LITONG adopts oil spraying room and water curtain spraying room, which are widely used for surface painting of bicycle, automobile steel plate spring and large loader.



The oven is one of the important equipments in the coating production line, and its temperature uniformity is an important index to ensure the quality of coating. The heating methods of the oven are: radiation, hot air circulation and radiation hot air circulation etc. The hot air circulation oven produced by LITONG has good heat preservation, uniform temperature inside the oven and low heat loss, which reaches the performance index of similar products in advanced countries.


Heat source system

Hot air circulation is the more commonly used heating method, which uses the convection conduction principle to heat the oven to
achieve the drying and curing of the workpiece. The heat source can be selected according to the specific conditions of the user: electricity, steam, gas or fuel oil, etc. The heat source box can be placed at the top, bottom and side according to the oven situation.


Electrical control system

The electrical control of the painting and coating line has centralized and single column control. The centralized control can use programmable controller (PLC) to control the main machine, which automatically controls each process according to the prepared control program, data acquisition and monitoring to start the emergency signal.


Food Grade High-Speed Coating Line



LITONG is a professional design and manufacture of environmental protection production line, aluminum composite panel production line (ACPL), aluminum color coating line (ACCL), and enterprise. The company is the first in China to develop energy-saving and environmentally friendly aluminum color coating line high-speed roll continuous aluminum anodizing color coating line and other high-tech equipment. It has rewritten China's long dependence on foreign imports of the above equipment and become a new highlight of China's machinery manufacturing industry. If you need to find a partner, please contact us for specific information.