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Health: Diabetes is a medical condition that results in too much sugar in the blood, which is also called high blood glucose. Diabetes is a long-lasting medical condition that a diabetes patient needs to keep in control, as there is no permanent cure.

What is it exactly? Whenever we eat food, or we take some drinks, it is broken down into sugar which is called glucose, and will be mixed or released into the blood. Whenever sugar levels increase, it triggers the pancreas to release insulin. It is important to keep a check on diabetes and keep sugar levels in an acceptable range.

The major symptoms of Diabetes are as follows:

Polyuria – Polyuria is a classic sign of diabetes where a human being pees about 15 litres a day, which is way above the normal. A Normal human being pees only 3 Litres whereas a diabetic patient’s body makes more pee than normal.

Polydipsia—In this condition, a diabetic patient feels extreme thirstiness. This is because as we said earlier a lot of urine was lost due to Polyuria, diabetic patients’ body needs to take a constant intake of fluids.

Polyphagia – It is an extreme stage where the patient excessive amounts of food. This is because most amounts of the sugar were lost in the form of urine and when this happens calories are also lost from the body.

If your doctor diagnoses you with diabetes, then he will also refer you to a specialist for counselling on how to eat what to eat and how often you need to eat and how to check blood sugar levels and how to keep them in control within an acceptable range. I need, they will give you insulin injections.

In case your doctor didn’t give any instructions, a patient must consult a doctor and get educated about this special long-lasting health condition. Diabetes you cannot completely cure, however you keep diabetes in check and reduce sudden spikes and reduce fluctuations.

How to reduce the fluctuation of blood sugar?

Most people say to stop sugar foods that have a lot of carbs, once you are diagnosed with diabetes, but it’s one of the most common misconceptions.

  The important thing is to include fiver, proteins, or fat in high carb sources. This will reduce the blood sugar sike lot less than the only carbs' food.

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