Telangana Receives More Than Rs 11,700 Crore In Investments: Einstantly

In just a couple of months to be exact in just 18 days spread over march and may, Telangana state Government has received INR 11,700 crores as investments. All thanks to the efforts of the IT minister and The president KTR. His Marathon Business meetings over the period have around huge business deals with the state.

KTR lead delegation from the state went to the US in March and the state government has grabbed 150 crores as investments from the various sector during the week-long visit. Then in May, KTR led delegation left for the United Kingdom to participate in World Economic Forum, and he signed deals worth INR 4200 crores as investments to the state. KT Rama Rao himself participated in most of the business deals discussions, winning accolades from the people of Telangana for his efforts.

K Bhaskar reddy, The president of the Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry said, “Telangana delegation to the UK and Davos, were extremely fruitful and made a mark in projecting Telangana as investors’ destination.

FTCC President further revealed that it is KTR the IT minister who convinced the companies like pharma, auto parts, R&D, life sciences, and even rail coach manufacturing units to set up their investments in Telangana.

 Let’s have a look at the insights of KTR’s delegations’ recent deals:

In May, KTR’s lead delegation had 45 business, four round table meetings, and Four-panel discussions which brought INR 4,200 crores as an investment to the Telangana state.

 While in March,  TRIP KTR lead delegation had35 business meetings, Four sector round tables and Three meet and greet events which accumulated INR 7500 crores investment to the Telangana state.

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