Top 6 Major Salesforce Future Trends

Being a salesforce professional is a hot career right now.  It is the only software that has managed to provide 3 updates every year, in accordance with the growing needs of the customer.  In addition, salesforce has created 2.2 million jobs in North America alone. So, in this article, we are going to discuss some future salesforce trends that we will likely see in the future.

Trend 1:  Introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning

IoT and machine learning are touching every technical industry, and it is taking the world by storm.  In order to capture the market, salesforce Einstein was introduced, which dealt with the mechanisms of artificial intelligence and machine learning.  In addition, a lot of updates were provided, so that customers can maximize their business operations. A salesforce development company in North America has stated that business owners are making use of machine learning tools of salesforce like Digital Genius. and Squirro to make their business operations faster at an alarming rate.

Trend 2: You will see great sales insights

Now you must have heard that Google signed up a contract with salesforce to take cloud computing to the next level.  According to a salesforce development company in the UK, this joint partnership would be a doorway in which google can expand its core services.  Now Google is planning to integrate its Google analytics 360 with the salesforce, so that would be a highlight this year.  In addition, a blog post from a salesforce development company in the USA, has stated that lightening components would be introduced in Gmail. So, this means salesforce will directly connect with the Google data warehouse.

Trend 3: Marketing cloud would reach the next level

Salesforce, the marketing cloud, has been the talk among the business owners since it was launched. This is because the business owners were able to get deep customer insights, which drive them to a sea of profits. With each passing day, marketing clouds is being updated so that customers get an immersive experience. This would also mean that salesforce professionals would need to update their skills with each passing day.

Trend 4:  Collaboration with IBM Watson

In 2017, you saw how salesforce Einstein is planning to collaborate with IBM Watson to implement artificial intelligence in the salesforce platform. A salesforce development company in India has claimed that this collaboration would collect structured and instructed data from Watson warehouse to provide deep customer insights.  So, this kind of collaboration would be huge.

Trend 5:  New companies are trying to join salesforce

Every day salesforce is touching the new industry. Now recently, salesforce has launched its financial cloud for the banking sector. So, this means, if banking sectors take on this software, then there would be fewer bank thefts, and the bank could retrieve their loan amount from the customers that they have dealt with. Earlier to get a loan, a lot of documentation needs to be provided. With the help of service cloud, use of paper documentation would be eliminated

Trend 6: Everything will be lightning

In 2015, salesforce introduced a new version of the software known as lighting. This faced some employee resistance since people have been working on salesforce classic for a long time. With salesforce lightning, 80 updates were provided. So, an application could be created at a lightning-fast speed. Earlier applications were crated with .net, PHP and Java scripts, with the coming of lighting applications that could be created with its own programming languages like Visualforce and Apex.  Now webpages opened 10x faster than it opened in salesforce classic. In addition, customers were happy see a time building for an application did not take a month but only a matter of a few minutes.