The Perfect Partners For Your Tractors: High-performance Tractor Implements By Digitrac

Is it ever enough? Not only when it comes to farming and tractors, but generally in life, is it ever enough? Of course not. With everyone having new abtitions of their own and new milestones to achieve in a race against time, nothing is ever enough. But surely technology has come so far that at some level or the other, depending on how keen you are and what exactly you can afford, it is indeed enough for you at some point in time. No matter where you stand from a socio-economic standpoint or even if it comes down to your personal preferences, there surely is a time when it is enough. Well, for millions of farmers around the world bearing the responsibility to literally feed billions more, one cannot imagine there ever coming a point when it is enough. No matter how far things advance in the future.

While the answer to that question is highly subjective, after all every single farmer’s own methods, practices and preferences do heavily come into play here, but if there’s one thing that’s definitely certain is that having some of the best tractors in India is just not enough anymore! With each and every season and rapid advancement of technology, and yes, that includes advancement in technology for machinery in farming and agriculture as well, there is absolutely no telling where things are going to go next. But if you are a farmer who is doing it as their main source of livelihood, you always need to stay ahead of the game and learn and adapt as quickly to the changing times and technology as possible.

Enter Digitrac. A tractor manufacturing company, who, with their online-only portfolio, have pioneered making tractors advanced, convenient and transparent for all consumers. This means that people can choose, buy, test and get their tractors delivered to their doorstep with just a few clicks on their smart device of choice. A feature like this is needed today more than ever! But how does digitrac provide “more” to its farmers? Well, for the answer to that question, look no further than Digitrac’s range of versatile implements:

Disk Harrow

A harrow with cutting edges made up of a row of metal discs, this agricultural implement helps till the soil where crops are to be planted. It is also used to chop up unwanted weeds or crop remainders.

Rotary Tiller

A type of cultivator used for secondary tillage that’s made up of rotary motion of disks or teeth that go directly through the soil in one dragging motion. The implement then stirs and breaks the soil apart either before planting, (to loosen the seedbed) or after the crop has begun to grow (to remove the weeds). However, unlike a harrow, which affects the entire surface of the soil, rotary tillers are designed to disturb the soil in careful patterns, leaving the crop plants undamaged, but removing the weeds.

Mulching Machine

A tractor-mounted, post-harvest implement, a mulching machine helps remove any and all remains of the harvested plants which might still be buried or lying in and around the topsoil. This operation is crucial to clearing the field and preparing it for the next time farmers sow seeds on the very same piece of land.

Straw Reaper

A straw reaper helps cut, thresh and clean the straw in only one operation. Stalks of crops left after combine harvest are cut by two rolls of rotating blades while a revolving reel pushes them back to the threshing cylinder. After this, the threshing cylinder cuts the remaining stalks into smaller pieces.

That closes the list of all the implements that Digitrac has to offer currently. However, please do not forget that each of these implements is extremely diverse and specialised to be extremely compatible with Digitrac’s own range of fully-featured tractors for sale. With that in mind, no you know not only the individual kinds of implements that Digitrac has on offer, but also what you might want to specifically look for to best match your farming needs.