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Characteristics Of Parquet Flooring

Parquet Flooring

The most interesting theme for fans of classic and conservative is the floor, which of course means parquet to them, but here's what you need to know when thinking of parquet.
At present, there are three types on the market: raw soil types, parquet boards and large parquet, which have been used for centuries. Let me explain in detail.
Flooring is a layer that has been used since the beginning of the last century and has been a source of sympathy for generations. So it is no coincidence that the "parquet floor" is the first point of pride when buying or selling. House for sale. It is the main factor. But this beauty also requires "sacrifice": special care, care and cleaning, polishing, charging and discharging every 10 years. It is better to use a matte matte varnish so as not to scratch. Most often parquet is made of bee or oak, which is stronger and more reliable than bee. There are 6 types of parquet: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and the higher types differ not only in quality, but also in color and decoration. In other words, the fifth category is the pointer of a different color, and the higher category is the artist who paints a pointer of the same color, the vocal cords in the same decoration. Customers who choose these floors will spend 14 days longer than usual due to the installation, polishing and drying of fillers and coatings.

Parquet floooring is a combination of parquet panels. The top is made of precious natural wood and the bottom is made of DSP material, which is pressed like wood. Similar to laminate sheets, it is equipped with a locking system, which makes it a high quality and durable sheet.
Because solid parquet is made of natural wood and the upper floors are thinner than other floors, such as raw parquet, Massive Parquet requires special care, maintenance and cleaning.

When it comes to chips, the first thing that comes to mind is to cover the office floor, which makes a strange "noise" when walking. But this is actually an old form. The second indicator is that the chips are harmful to the environment. Apart from laminate sheets, other materials are also funny, due to poor quality and quality alternatives. 

First you need to set the right priorities. If you prefer a variety of colors and patterns that can be assembled and assembled quickly (for example, in the event of a leak), and are resistant to scratches and blemishes (especially for families with children), then complaining is a viable option.
When choosing a laminate, in addition to these characteristics, you should pay attention to the layer and its thickness. The degree of lamination indicates the hardness and durability of the surface. Chapters 30, 31, 32, 33 and rare 34 are common. The higher the rating, the better. The thickness of the panel can be as high as 7, 8, 10 and 12 mm.
The flooring used during the renovation was a modern European floor and a high moisture resistant material. Walls are 8, 10, 12mm, floor 32, 33 according to the repair kit.