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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Tesla Charger?

The reason why this amazing invention was brought to the world was most definitely the pollution factor hence environmentalists think Tesla is what will make the world a little more pollution-free and easier to breathe around in.


Numerous people might be able to save up for how much the Tesla costs but many times the thought of fuelling and maintenance crosses their head. Just to clear the air around, a Tesla charger costs about $500 to install and another $300-500 for wiring installation. Now some of you might not be aware of the hidden cost i.e. the extra $300-500! Read further to find out more about the Tesla car charger!

Why Would You Want a Tesla Charger Installed at home?

If a Tesla is parked in your garage then you probably come across the need to take it to a supercharger drive through very often. The reason people ask this question a lot is that driving to a supercharger every time does not sound like a very feasible option. You might be getting late to work? Or your kids might be getting late for school. Therefore, installing a Tesla charger at home means it is convenient. It could or could not be affordable for you keeping the maintenance costs in mind.

How Can You Save Up Money?

Maintaining and driving a Tesla is obviously a heavy expense. Not many people can afford a Tesla due to the fear of spending too much on just your car, keeping in mind other important expenditures. If you’re planning to install a Tesla charger at home then you should keep in mind the hassle and expensive nature of this task. The setup of the charger alone would be quite a lot of bucks. You need a big heart to keep a Tesla! The faint-hearted but not be able to do this.


The maintenance cost of the charger is a whole separate topic, to begin with. If your charger at home proves faulty and fails to work then you will have to drive to a supercharger in any case so why not do that every time. You might have to plan ahead and schedule out your timings so there's a separate slot for charging!

How Extra Costs Can Add Up to the Final Cost

The Tesla charger service can be costly to install at home, it is said that there are numerous costs that end up in one final dreadful bill! If you hire an electrician, he will charge you a good $200-300 extra. So, your pocket needs to be overflowing at all times if you want to enjoy the convenience of the tesla charger service at home. In addition, if you require a longer wire for the charging facility, you’re charged an extra amount!

What is a Smart Choice?

The sky-high cost of the Tesla charging service at home has been defined above. Any smart person can access with the help of the aforementioned points that driving to a Tesla charging service or a supercharger is the better option to make!