First Time In India, No Questions Asked! How Big Of A Deal Is A Warranty Policy Like This?

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, warranty literally means “A promise or a guarantee made by a seller or lessor about the characteristics or quality of property, goods or services.” From a few months to many, many years, warranty comes in all shapes and sizes, and most importantly, extends to various stretches of time. The extent to which a warranty might be applicable depends upon how big the product in question actually is. For context, products are divided into two main types, FMCG, i.e., Fast Moving Consumer Goods and SMCG, i.e., Slow-Moving Consumer Goods. Granted, that something that classifies as  Slow-Moving Good today might become a Fast moving good tomorrow (mobile phones, especially smartphones, are a very good example of that), but what doesn’t change is the manner in which warranties are applied to each of these categories. As previously stated, the “bigger” the product, the longer the warranty. This means that you are more often than not, expected to get a shorter termed warranty on a smartphone as compared to a laptop/computer.

But what about a tractor? That is what really concerns us, right? Does getting the best tractor in India also guarantee getting a great warranty offer at the same time? Well, the short answer is, no. But it is kind of understandable, right? Because with something like a tractor or a car, and more importantly, because of the money involved, there’s a lot of Q&A to be done. “How did your tractor get damaged?”, “what were the weather conditions like?”, “are you sure you were following the correct process of doing this particular maneuver?”, “are you sure the implement you used didn’t cause any damage to your tractor because it was incompatible?”. Questions like these, and many, many others, make availing your warranty on tractors a hassle. This, in turn, discourages farmers from ever approaching the manufacturers for repairs and services against their warranty, and finally, their productivity suffers as a result of all of this. So, is there a solution? Is it even a problem in the first place? Well of course, any degree of productivity suffering is a loss no matter how you look at it. So Digitrac came up with a solution.

The solution part of it was that Digitrac offers a 5-year warranty, “no questions asked” on all of its tractors and to each and every customer. Now, you must understand how big of a deal it is. If a company is just willing to offer you services and repairs against your warranty it really means that they care. They care not only about you sticking around being a long-term customer, but also care that you have a great experience using Digitrac’s tractors, implements, accessories and services (both pre and post sale), which, in turn, elevates the brand from the status of just being a tractor manufacturer to a complete ecosystem. And it all starts by making each and every part, every aspect as accessible as possible for each and every customer. By offering a warranty policy like “5 year warranty, no questions asked”, Digitrac is taking huge leaps in that regard. Also remember, it’s a first in India. In India, a country with over a billion people with millions upon millions of them being farmers, the fact that digitrac took the first step in making all those lives countless times easier is a major step, not only for the brand itself, but for the agricultural industry as a whole.

So, is offering warranties like these a new trend we are going to see in the agriculture industry as a whole, especially when it comes to tractors? Well, that yet remains to be seen. But farmers can rest assured that becoming a part of the Digitrac ecosystem not only guarantees access to some of the best 50 HP tractors out there, but also makes them a part of an inclusive ecosystem which is solely driven to making lives of farmers easier through an advanced, convenient and transparent tractor-selling platform.