Is Assured Customer Loyalty Worth Risking Your Brand Reputation? Digitrac Tells Us Yes!

“Get your order delivered in 30 minutes or else it’s absolutely free!” Something every single one of us has heard, and even maybe even experienced, in some form of the other. But the thing is, why do companies do it? Why would a brand place restrictions on itself, and as a result, on its staff to deliver on promises that might sometimes be entirely impossible to fulfil? The short answer is, what seems like restrictions at first, are actually just another way to incentivise customers. The idea of offering time limitations on their orders and a “bonus” to the customer/end user if said time limit is not met is exactly like offering discounts, exclusive shopping bonuses with membership with a brand, etc. All of this is done only to get consumers to take notice of the brand in a positive light, and hopefully stay loyal to it.

Now, there is no doubt that when one hears that a brand will deliver you a product in a fixed amount of time…“or else”, it does make things interesting. Today when time is limited for everyone, the possibilities by providing such incentives which seem to give a message that a brand truly cares and respects their customers’ time are infinite! For example, one of the most popular incentives we come across today is that if you do not receive your order within a certain amount of time, the company will reduce the price of your order, or maybe even give you the whole thing for absolutely free! Remember, that the consumer is not cancelling their order, but getting all of it, maybe even along with some extra cashback, if their order is delayed.

But, at the end, it is just that, an offer. Offers like discounts or ‘buy one get one free’ or even the exclusive membership benefits we just talked about. The reason to provide customers with such offers is to keep them coming back for more, to always associate a brand with an affordable, accessible shopping experience. The end product/service could be anything. But as long as the consumer feels that they are getting the best out of their time (time being the key word here), people are most likely to spend more, both time and money, with the same brand in the long-term.

Now, companies in the food and beverage industry have especially been successful carrying out these kinds of offers for as long as we can remember. In a time when multiple trends fly by in a single day, the idea of giving something back to consumers for their order has always excited people around the world, and so brands have stuck to it. At the end of the day, from the perspective of the consumer, it is all about value for money. And that value increases two-fold when you say something like “buy one get one free”. It doesn’t matter whether someone needs it or not, just because it’s there and knowing the fact that it might not always be there at this price, is perhaps the most enticing thing a brand can do other than just giving away their products for free.


But what about something more serious? Something like agriculture? Like tractors? Well, in that case, look no further than Digitrac. Digitrac is a tractor manufacturer that makes some of the best tractors in India. A trusted brand that offers its consumers a multitude of products to buy and services to avail. Speaking of tractor services, Digitrac offers a whole array of services to its customers, all of which can be availed right from the comfort of their homes. Starting from giving its customers a tractor loan online, Digitrac also ensures that people can buy tractor insurance online in the exact same manner, with the exact same level of convenience every single time. The company also provides evaluation for second-hand tractors, in case a customer is looking to sell their tractor. This is done to ensure that they always get the best price for their sale!

However, in all that Digitrac has to offer, something that especially deserves to be called out here is a specific clause to their services. This clause states that the brand will offer all its services at your doorstep within 6 hours or customers will be compensated with Digimoney (that’s Digitrac’s virtual currency available through their online app) worth ₹500. Meaning that if you made a phone call and didn’t get a service rep on your doorstep within six hours, the company will pay for the lost time out of their own pocket!

So, have they been successful? Absolutely! It is not only an incentive for the consumer to build a relationship with a brand, but also benefits the brand in the long-run. And again, at this point it goes without saying, that this is definitely a trend worth keeping.