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Big Kitchen Ideas Of Remodeling: 5 Proposals That Will Interest You

It is essential to explore new design alternatives that optimize the potential of the structure to be remodeled. It is important to note that the purpose of any renovation is to make the most of each of the spaces of a property, through an appropriate interior design that meets the expectations of its inhabitants.

When we focus on kitchen remodeling At Big Kitchen Ideas we know that it is one of the fundamental areas of the home, where people come together daily and carry out their daily activities. Today, the trend of the open kitchen or also known as Open Plan benefits the spatial and functional schemes of the house. However, if it is not applied in the correct way it can generate a continuity that, sometimes, is uncomfortable. If the structure is small, it is essential to work on the interior design based on innovative ideas that make spaces flexible and adhere to the needs of its users. For this reason, at Big Kitchen Ideas we are a firm of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the architectural market with great recognition in everything related to interior design and space remodeling.

Our expert of Big Kitchen Ideas considers that to undertake a remodeling of small kitchens, prior planning is required before the analysis of the space, to prevent any type of risk that may arise. The above to create harmonic, highly functional, and avant-garde spaces. If you are looking for design alternatives for small kitchens, we share some options that you can apply in your kitchen to project an appropriate and sophisticated style.
5 Design Proposals for Small Kitchens

Integrating living room, kitchen, and dining room spaces is one of the characteristics that show current trends in interior design. When it comes to small spaces, it is important to take care of the functionality and flexibility of each area so as not to saturate the environment with design elements that do not contribute anything to the habitability or comfort of the user. The key to all small kitchen remodeling is to define functional concepts that meet operational objectives and highlight its aesthetic quality, meeting customer expectations.

From our knowledge, we propose some alternatives such as the minimalist concept and the functionality of flexible furniture, which makes the most of each space without overloading it. In turn, we will offer you new innovative proposals in interior design in small kitchens that enrich the spaces, appealing to the perception of larger and more pleasant environments.

1. L-Shape Kitchen Design L-
Remodeling of Small L-shaped Kitchensshape kitchen design, also known as a linear model, is one of the most common kitchen styles, especially in small homes, because it takes advantage of space by extending a multifunctional bar, which has multiple uses, from an inn, a minibar or culinary activities.

This design is applied by opening the space where the kitchen island is to other rooms in the house such as the living room and dining room. This distribution turns the kitchen area into an extremely pleasant and attractive space that fosters the social interaction of its inhabitants.

2. Design of Elongated Kitchens
The design of elongated kitchens is to take advantage of the circulation of narrow spaces with shelves on both sides. The design is frequently applied in urban home designs, thanks to the practicality and comfort of the parallel scheme. The design of elongated kitchens is usually used in homes with little availability of space since it generates efficiency in the use of furniture, accessories, or utensils on both walls of the structure.

The proposal focuses on properly storing kitchen utensils, taking advantage of the linear meters of the counter, and adequate functional distribution, to optimize the activity in the kitchen. Also, it is an innovative proposal that benefits users in reducing the costs that a remodeling entails.

3. Kitchen Design with Industrial Style
Small Kitchen Remodeling with Industrial StyleThe industrial style is inspired by urban lofts since key design elements include exposed architectural materials such as steel beams, brick walls, recycled lamps, concrete, cement, wood, glass, iron, and others. metals. These materials are also used to visually delimit spaces in industrial-style houses, in which the kitchen is open to the living room.

This design takes advantage of used furniture and even worn or recycled decorative objects, to add a rustic touch to the decoration. In turn, to compensate for the cold colors transmitted by the materials typical of the industrial style, an ideal option is to add aromatic plants to decorate the kitchen, since they offer a pleasant perfume to the home.

4. Design of Modern Kitchens
Modern Small Kitchen RemodelingKitchens designed with a modern concept are based on linear decoration, the management of simple volumes, and the use of plans, where the selection of materials reflects the function of the elements. When it comes to a small kitchen, the modern style is an option indicated according to the tastes of the client, since it amplifies the effects of light through reflections, improving the feeling of spaciousness within the home, thanks to its high luminosity, its neutral colors, polished surfaces or transparencies and the use of steel in almost all your appliances.

This style is characterized by its basic color palette such as white, beige, gray, and black. In addition to that, you can add touches of vibrant colors, to enhance the design proposal and arouse the interest of users.

5. Nordic Style Kitchen Design
Nordic Style Small Kitchen Remodeling. The Nordic trend in kitchen design is distinguished by the use of white as a trigger for serene, spacious, and sophisticated environments. In a kitchen, lighting becomes a determinant of both aesthetic and comfort values. Likewise, the Nordic style combines natural materials and designer furniture such as wooden curtains or blinds and rustic rugs; These accessories contrast and highlight the environmental value.

Sobriety and elegance are the keys to enhance the vintage-inspired Nordic style in a kitchen; the idea is to create a natural and peaceful environment in which the client feels comfortable with the remodeled space

Aspects to Consider in Remodeling Small Kitchens

At Big Kitchen Ideas as professionals in kitchen remodeling, we consider that this space promotes the development of the family nucleus, so it must have the appropriate conditions to satisfy the client's needs.

Therefore, in addition to the design proposals outlined above, a kitchen remodel must have:

  • The proper use of lighting, whether natural or artificial.
  • The use of neutral tones.
  • The implementation of functional and flexible furniture, whether floating, static, or transparent shelves.
  • The sobriety of the elements that provide functional and spatial value.
  • Taking advantage of natural ventilation.
  • Architects Experts in Small Kitchen Remodeling

At Big Kitchen Ideas we rely on the holistic vision of architecture to design kitchens that meet the needs of our clients, proposing exhaustive planning processes that incorporate factors such as caring for the environment and, at the same time, achieving the objectives of The remodeling. As Colombian architects, we consider that it is extremely important to take advantage of each of the concepts mentioned above in which the quality of living has reflected the maximum. Also, at our firm, we apply new digital planning tools to achieve a comprehensive remodel of any space.