Love Heart Cake - Special Cake To Celebrate For The Special Someone

How best to express the desires of your heart than through a love heart cake particularly customized for that special someone? Whether it is to spark a diminished flame or to reassure someone of the place they hold in your heart, a love heart cake will instantly serve the purpose- delivering goodness, warmth, affection and a satisfied appetite!

Flavors of your love

These love heart cakes come in a variety of flavors. To showcase the perfect blend of two individuals, these love heart cakes can be customized to incorporate two flavors on two separate halves of the cake- whether it’s a vanilla sponge for you or a rich dark chocolate flavor for your beloved. To show your loved one how much you care, you can have the cakes adorned with their favorite flowers replicated and delicately carved out on delicious molten chocolate. The special butter cream frosting layered with sprinkles will leave an unforgettable taste in your mouth and everlasting memory to hold on to.

The love heart cakes also come in a series of fresh fruit flavors because love should be celebrated through every season. Some of these relishing combinations include fresh strawberries with a chocolate ganache cake as well as apple and cinnamon cake for that warm winter feeling. It also comes in a delicious rainbow cake flavor to showcase the vibrant and diverse nature of your love.

Trip down memory lane

The love heart cake can also be instilled with feelings of nostalgia through a photograph printed on the cake, a musical lyric that holds a special place in your heart or even a personalized caption that can be beautifully written on the cake. These love heart cakes can also be used to pop that special question- where the cake has a special flower placed in the centre of the cake with a hole in the middle to place an engagement ring. Memories created through these love heart cakes will be etched in your hearts for eternity. 

Customized decorations

The love heart cakes incorporate a range of edible decorations including sprinkles, edible flowers, candy twizzlers and even sugar balloons to appeal to the senses of the receiver. Different colored frosting adorned with glitter and crushed chocolates can be incorporated within the love heart cakes to show that extra initiative. Just like your love for that special someone is limitless and unconditional, the variations and customizations available in these love heart cakes are unlimited.

The most recent love heart cakes also come with a smooth cherry gelatin layer to give it that eye-appealing marble effect. The smooth coating and the merging of different shades of colors will bring joy to the heart and stomach of your loved one. This stunning technique that has recently captured social media by a storm is sure to capture the heart of your loved one too.

These love heart cakes are the soul and essence of celebration of the feeling of love. They not only complete the celebration but add much needed meaning to those special moments that will be relished forever.