Are You Looking For The Best Bank Nifty Tips?

Are you looking for the Best Bank Nifty Tips?

For a better understanding of bank nifty options let’s first understand what is bank nifty.
Bank Nifty is basically the moving average of the top twelve banks. The Trade Bond is known for providing the best Bank Nifty Tips. 

The name of the banks is as follows with their current weightage.

1.    HDFC Bank – 28.29%
2.    ICICI Bank – 21.37%
3.    Kotak Mahindra Bank – 12.36%
4.    State Bank of India (SBI) – 12.21%
5.    Axis Bank – 12.15%
6.    IndusInd Bank – 5.05%
7.    AU Small Finance Bank Ltd. – 1.85%
8.    Bandhan Bank – 1.84%
9.    Federal Bank – 1.54%
10.    IDFC First Bank Ltd. – 1.38%
11.    Punjab National Bank (PNB)- 1.11%
12.    RBL Bank – 0.85%

Factors Affecting Bank Nifty 

The banking sector in India gets affected by many factors lets discuss the factors affecting the Bank Nifty Index on a daily basis. As these are the most important aspect of the research and by focusing on these factors only we are able to generate the best intraday bank nifty Options tips and have significantly become the best Intraday bank nifty options tips, provider.
Fundamental Factors affecting bank nifty 

1.    Results – Quarterly Results of all 12 banks are the most important if one needs to invest in the banking sector. As whenever there is a result session of any of these top banks then there is always a very high fluctuation in the share price of that bank. As a result, it impacts the intraday Session.
2.    GDP- Positive GDP assumptions give a positive impact on the market. Especially in the banking sector and whenever there is an important announcement made by RBI or the Government of India. Regarding GDP and if it is on positive end then a positive movement is seen in bank nifty and ifs its opposite on negative end the negative movement is seen in Intraday Trading Session of Bank Nifty.
3.    Trade Balance – It basically shows the difference between the imports and the exports of the country. For the particular time period, it is also known as the Balance of Trade. As a result, these reports create an impact on the bank nifty index thus it affects the trading tips of bank nifty. 

Best Bank Nifty Strategy

The best bank nifty Strategy is that divide your total capital into two equal parts. Then invest only half the capital in bank nifty options trade. Always trade-in at the money call option or put option never trades on out the money option because the premium of out the money option decreases very fast. Thus avoid trading in Out the money option.