How Much Amount Of Goods Does The Us Import?

How much amount of goods does the US import?

The United States of America is a major global importer. Despite having a strong economy and a high level of living, the nation depends on imports to supply consumer demand. The top ten US imports in 2022 have seen some modifications as a result of evolving trends and changing global dynamics. Based on data from US imports, the overall value of US imports increased by 14.9% from 2021 to around $3.37 trillion in 2022. The United States is one of the leading importers in the world, with an extensive network of trade partners across the globe. Imports play a crucial role in meeting domestic demands, filling gaps in the domestic supply chain, and supporting various industries. To gain a deeper understanding of the volume and value of goods imported by the US, it is essential to analyze US import data. In this article, we will explore the scale of US imports and discuss the latest US import data for the year 2022.

What does US Import Data reveal?

US import data provides comprehensive insights into the nature and quantity of goods imported by the country. It includes information about the product categories, their origin, and the corresponding import values. With this data, policymakers, economists, and businesses can grasp the import trends and make informed decisions. Let's delve into the specifics of US import data for the year 2022.

Major Highlights of the US imports

•        In 2022, consumer goods made up the largest category of goods imported into the United States, totaling $776 billion.

·         In 2022, the states that imported the most foreign goods were Georgia, Texas, California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey.

·         As the largest source of imports and foreign goods into the United States in 2022, China accounted for 17% of all imports.

·         The United States of America imported items from throughout the globe in 2022 worth US$3.376 trillion.

·         Compared to $2.935 trillion in 2021 and $2.609 trillion in 2018, this amount represents a 15% annual growth and a 29.4% rise, respectively.

·         In terms of continental share, Asian exporters contributed 45.1% of the total value of imports into the US in 2022. Two additional significant trading partners in North America, Canada, and Mexico, accounted for 26.9% of import sales to the United States, while Europe accounted for 21.4%.

·         At 4.7% of US import purchases, suppliers from Latin America—including the Caribbean but excluding Mexico—accounted for a smaller share of the market. Oceania made up 0.7% and Africa 1.3%, with Australia and New Zealand at the top of the list.


US Goods Imports

The world's biggest importer of products is the United States. Global goods imports into the United States in 2022 amounted to $3.2 trillion, an increase of 14.6 percent ($413.7 billion) over 2021. With 16.5 percent of all goods imported into the US, China was the leading supplier of goods. China ($536.3 billion), Mexico ($454.8 billion), Canada ($436.6 billion), Japan ($148.1 billion), and Germany ($146.6 billion) were the top five suppliers of goods to the United States in 2022. In goods, the United States imported $553.3 billion from the European Union.

What are the top 10 US imports in 2022?

1. Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, crude oil: 6.06% ($204 billion)

2. Motor cars and other motor vehicles: 4.99% ($168 billion) 

3. Electrical apparatus for line telephony or line telegraphy: 3.75% ($126 billion)

4. Automatic data processing machines: 3.67% ($123 billion)

5. Medicaments and pharmaceuticals: 2.72% ($91 billion)

6. Furniture; bedding, and mattresses: 2.57% (86 billion US$)

7. Parts and accessories of the motor vehicles: 2.55% ($86 billion)

8. Petroleum oils and waste oils: 2.44% ($82 billion)

9. Human blood; animal blood for therapeutic or diagnostic uses: 1.92% ($64 billion)

10. Electronic integrated circuits: 1.29% ($43 billion)

Which countries are the top Import Partners of the US in 2022?

1. China: 17% (575 billion US$)

2. Mexico: 13.6% (459 billion US$)

3. Canada: 13.2% (446 billion US$)

4. Japan: 4.57% (154 billion US$)

5. Germany: 4.45% (150 billion US$)

6. Vietnam: 4.02% (135 billion US$)

7. Korea: 3.58% (120 billion US$)

8. Other Asian nations: 2.84% (96 billion US$)

9. India: 2.69% (90 billion US$)

10. Ireland: 2.44% (82 billion US$)

US Services Import

Globally, the United States is the leading importer of services. U.S. service imports totaled $680.3 billion in 2022, a $23.7 billion increase ($130.3 billion) over 2021.  In 2022, 17.2 percent of all imports into the United States will be services. With 10.4% of all service imports into the United States in 2022, the United Kingdom was the leading provider of services. The United Kingdom ($70.8 billion), Germany ($42.0 billion), Canada ($40.6 billion), Japan ($38.5 billion), and Mexico ($37.3 billion) were the top five countries from which the United States imported services in 2022. The United States imported $166.7 billion worth of services from the European Union in 2017.

1. Machinery and Electrical Equipment ($477 billion) 14.1%

Machinery and electrical equipment form a substantial portion of US imports. These include items such as industrial machinery, computers, electrical appliances, and telecommunications equipment. The US heavily relies on imports in this sector to support its infrastructure development and technological advancements.

2. Vehicles and Automotive Parts ($329 billion) 9.77%

The automotive industry is a vital sector in the US, and the nation imports a significant number of vehicles and automotive parts. This includes passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and various components required for their manufacturing and maintenance.

3. Energy Products ($322 billion) 9.56%

The United States, despite being a prominent producer of energy, still imports significant quantities of energy products. These include crude oil, natural gas, and petroleum products, which supplement the country's domestic energy reserves.

4. Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment ($164 billion) 4.89%

The US places considerable importance on the healthcare sector, and as such, imports a substantial volume of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment. These imports play a crucial role in meeting the healthcare needs of the population and supporting research and development in the medical field.

5. Consumer Goods ($117 billion) 3.47%

Consumer goods encompass a wide range of products, including clothing, footwear, electronics, and household items. The US imports a substantial amount of consumer goods to meet the preferences and demands of its vast consumer market.


US import data provides a comprehensive picture of the goods imported by the country. In 2022, the US imported a vast array of products, including ministry and electrical apparatus, vehicles, Medicinals, consumer goods, and energy products. These imported goods support colorful sectors of the US frugality, meet consumer demands, and contribute to the nation's overall profitable growth. The vacuity of accurate and over-to-date US import data is essential for policymakers and businesses to make informed opinions and navigate the complex global trade geography.