Supportive Tips To Pack Garments While Moving To Another House

When moving to a new house in the Philippines, taking the right steps is essential. This includes carefully packing your belongings to prevent any damage and choosing a reliable moving company in Manila. While professionals will handle most of the moving tasks, the responsibility for packing your valuable clothing lies with you. In this article, you'll find practical tips for packing your clothes when moving to a new place in Manila, all while surrounded by your loved ones.

In particular, packing your valuable clothing is not a straightforward task. Each fabric and its finish must be handled with care when placing them in bags or moving boxes. The moving and storage for rent providers in the Philippines will assist you in transporting your clothes and belongings to your new property. Therefore, it's essential to follow some safe fabric packing tips to prevent any unexpected damage.

Here, you will discover valuable tips and tricks for packing clothing as you move to a new residence in Manila, all in the company of loved ones.

  1. Avoid overloading boxes with holders or hangers: If you rely on hangers to maintain the visual appeal of your clothing and keep each garment separate, it's best to place only a few hangers in each box. Putting too many hangers in a single storage box is not a wise choice, as it can affect the overall condition of your precious clothing.
  2. Use suitcases for folded clothing: For most of your clothing items, fold them into smaller sizes and place them in suitcases to prevent wrinkles. Reserve this method for your valuable garments that you prefer not to store in boxes.
  3. Protect expensive clothing with plastic wrap: To preserve the shine and appearance of your clothes, consider wrapping them in plastic before placing them inside your preferred bag or box.
  4. Wrap adornments and small items in tissues and zip lock: For safegaurding your expensive set of clothes, gems, and other articles, it is best to wrap inside manifold tissues and in zip lock in a folded position to safeguard the same.
  5. Clear a path for bendable holders when packing: There is a great many bendable holders accessible at the commercial center that cover less space inside the dress stockpiling box. Furthermore, it permits you to put a couple of additional pieces of clothing inside the container.
  6. Label each clothing box: Make sure to name each piece of clothing box by utilizing a tacky note and compose something similar with an indelible marker. Doing this will assist you with preferably putting the separate piece of clothing at a specific spot at your new home.
  7. Safeguard delicate clothing with care: You can utilize bubble wrap or pressing peanuts to best safeguard the interest of your garments. It will give an additional layer of insurance to every one of your pieces of clothing.
  8. Explore specialty storage units: Some storage units come with compartments designed for moving purposes. You can use each compartment to organize specific types of clothing and label them accordingly.


Effective packing is a crucial part of the process when moving to a new home, whether in Manila or anywhere else in the world. Start by mastering the art of packing your valuable clothing, and then consider hiring a professional moving service for a stress-free transition to your new residence.