Aircon Installation Singapore - Coolcare

Aircon Installation Singapore - Coolcare

Air Conditioner is most important appliances for the home, it’s especially hottest place, we should establish the aircon for protecting themselves. Before that, We are usually confused about how to choose the best aircon, as well as which BTU is correct for our home.  This very big decision, because If you take the wrong choice and choose the wrong BTU size, It results finally in big major problems.  So avoid these major confusions, we give the best Guide for you.

1.           Choose the place to Install :

This is very important when you have install the aircon. Before you buy the aircon you should know the right place for aircon installation. Because then only, we know the Correct BTU for choosing the best aircon for your home.

2.            Choose the exact BTU :

The BTU (British Thermal Units ) rating is basically the number that tells you how quickly and efficiently a unit can cool a room. Choosing the right BTU for your room size will ensure you get the most efficient cooling system for your needs.

The Following BTU size  considered for you room :

1.                  9000 (9K) BTU Is enough for common room

2.                  12000 (12K) BTU Is enough for Master Bedroom

3.                  18000 (18K) BTU Is enough for living room

4.                  24000 (24K) BTU Is considered if your living room quite Big

This BTU you could generously choose for your home. If you choose the wrong BTU, it causes more power supply. If take more power supply, it might need to pay an extra charge for the power supply. So you should be able to choose the correct BTU for the room size.

3.           Find Energy saving aircon Brand :

These days so many aircon brands are selling in the market. However not all aircon brands are energy-saving models,  We need to analyze the best aircon and choose the energy-saving brand. It benefits of less power supply, so that reduce the electricity bill. If you choose apart from energy-saving, you might need to pay extra electricity money.

4.           Best Aircon Brand In Singapore  :

We would recommend the best aircon brands are Daikin, Mitsubishi, and Midea. These Brands are top sell in Singapore and more energy-efficient as well. It running performance long term based on aircon servicing.

5.           Compare the prices and aircon reviews from different aircon Companies :

You should check the price and review the aircon brand through the website and aircon distributor etc. Then you could easily choose the exact price and best aircon.

Coolcare aircon company will help you. when you decide to establish the aircon for your home. You could generously hire Cool Care, our Company provides the best aircon brand with good privilege and Before aircon installation, our company provides a free site inspection, so that our technical experts will choose the right BTU size for your home.

All The best  😊