Making A Difference: Using Charity Jewellery To Raise Funds For A Good Cause

Life is not always about having the best for yourself as a jewellery designer. It is also about making an impact on society, nature, and the world at large. If you are a designer who has been wondering what you could do with your jewellery, below you can learn how to use charity jewellery and raise funds for a good cause.

1.      Event Sales

If you have already put in extra effort and time to host an event for your cause, then you can create some vendor space for selling your wildlife charm bracelet or whatever else you design. Since other artists and organizations sell charms during walks, runs, and fashion shows, why not do it too? You would realize that it is as efficient as selling directly to your customers.

2.      Consider Online Sales

If you already own a website for selling your merchandise, you can use it for fundraising too. You can add several fundraising jewellery pieces and be sure to meet your goals through the sales. It would also be a good chance for you to write and tell your readers and visitors that you have cause-related jewellery, which would help drive more sales. Word would also spread faster among other potential customers.

3.      As Donations

One of the easiest ways of using your charity charms to raise funds for a cause is through “donation thank you” approaches. For example, you may send items to existing clients, letting them know, "For your minimum donation of ____ dollars, we GIVE you this wildlife charity bracelet as a thank you. Please wear it with pride to show support for our cause.” Before you realize it, this would do wonders as more of the clients join your cause.

4.      Joining Hands with Retailers

As charity begins at home, you can join hands with local retailers who may also be willing to help with your charity. Most of the retailers would be happy displaying your jewellery items on their outlets and letting their visitors, existing customers, and potential customers get word of it. This would also help boost your plans.

5.      Launch Online Fundraising

Lastly, launch an online fundraising campaign. You can design a specific outreach idea and consider thanking those who donate with your items. With the era of email marketing as well as social media campaigns, this should be a good idea.

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