Rahu Dosha Effects In Marriage

One of the homes within the 7th house which controls the relationships of an individual, marriage, happiness, and spouse. Any planet sitting on the 7th house influences these aspects.

In Astrology, Rahu is an inauspicious planet. It brings fear, dissatisfaction, and confusion during a person’s life. So, if it's sitting within the 7th house of a person’s horoscope, it'll create problems in relationships and a married life of the native. Its influence is so strong that each planet is suffering from it. 

Every planet faces a special effect of Rahu. One thing also must be considered here is that Rahu doesn't bring bad luck to each house. There are some houses that are blessed by their position. 

Let Us Learn One By One Which Are the consequences Of Rahu On Each Planet:
*1st House: It brings clashes with the spouse.

*2nd House: you'll have a traditional married life.

*3rd House: Created problems in native’s life.

*4th House: The wife will have problems conceiving.

*5th House: The spouse may have problems during her pregnancy and lots of other health problems.

*6th House: It doesn't affect the 6th house considerably.

*7th House: It indicates early marriage.

*8th House: Clash amongst the relations

*9th House: Physical and mental problems may arise.

*10th House: The native will got to take extra care of their mother’s health.

*11th House: This position negatively impacts the connection of natives with their father.

*12th House Brings mental stress and discomfort to the native.

Rahu signifies mischief and fear and therefore the 7th house signifies to conflict. So, when Rahu is sitting within the 7th house of the horoscope, the native might face problems in gathering their courage. they're going to feel underconfident in their life.

This will start affecting their performance and eventually their reputation at the workplace. 

Since the 7th house indicates relationships too, the native’s relationship with those that are around will start affecting. they're going to have heated arguments with their spouse. Their clashes also will start with other members of the family too.

The relationship within the 7th house also stands for professional relationships. Therefore, the issues might arise between the natives and their business partners.In Vedic astrology, rahu dosh the horoscope of an individual is split into 12 parts. Each part signifies one aspect of life like love, marriage, job, and business, etc. they're called ‘House’ and that they are ruled by ‘Lords’. These houses control one’s life. Also, planets also sit on them and influence the lifetime of the native.