What Are Seed Banks, And What Do They Do?

A seed bank preserves the genetic diversity of seeds by storing them in an environment suitable to the seed. One can store seeds to preserve the genes for varied reasons like disease resistance, nutritional quality or taste etc. Apart from preserving the seeds, they also have rare genes, and by storing those seeds banks conserve the biodiversity.

As museum are popular for preserving fossils that trace them back to 100s of years similarly, some seeds were used centuries ago. And seed banks preserve their cultural value by collecting them in the bank.

Marijuana Seed Banks:

High times top seeds bank, are run by many companies. Few banks are specialised in selling rare cannabis seeds. And they have expanded their horizons to many countries because of high demands. These banks also have niche breeders and give the option of custom-built seeds to the customers.

Some banks are known to sell strains that are grown by them in different hybrid variety. Although such seeds are expensive than the normal CBD strains then they are a great source for beginners to yield plants and they give a guarantee of germination. Mostly these banks are digitally equipped and accept all kind of cards and even bitcoin. Some of these banks are established for more than two decades and have a massive selection of seeds.

Importance of marijuana seed banks:

There are various reasons as to the presence of High times top seeds bank. Some of them are mentioned below:

Preserving the genes:

This seed bank preserves the feasible seeds to help them grow properly and they also protect genetic diversity. These banks preserve seeds from the harsh environment and pollution and climatic change. These marijuana plants have genetic feature, their preservation will have significant improvement in yielding and production. It will also protect the strain extinction.

Seeds feminization:

These banks facilitate breeding seeds to feminized one. Feminized seeds are highly popular as they have a high expectancy rate and people prefer them to yield. Also, growers have said that the female plants have better effects than that of male plants.

Once the male and female seeds are separated, the banks also ensure to enhance their health so that they don’t lose their efficiency. The feminization and preservation of seeds are preferred by the cannabis cultivators.

Autoflowering varieties

Apart from feminization and genetic diversity, these banks are also known to create a diverse variety that can help the growers. And one of the most favorite varieties is autoflowering. There are many benefits of autoflowering as they are not affected by season or climate; they'll grow as per their age. And the flowering time is also short, varies between 5-9 weeks