Get Reliable Boiler Installation Services By Rapid Response Plumbing And Heating

Get reliable boiler installation services by Rapid Response Plumbing and Heating

Is your old boiler creating an issue?  The average life of a boiler is nearly 10 to 12 Years.  However, your boiler can perform well even further if you maintain it well.

So, is it recommended to keep using the old boiler? Actually no.  Even if the boiler is performing well there are chances your boiler is consuming more money for its operations. Old boilers were often not manufactured keeping efficiency in terms of electricity a priority.

A new boiler will always have added advantage over maintaining an old boiler.  The new boiler will offer a host of other features as well as new mechanisms which will ensure you don’t face boiler breakdown.

New boilers are also helpful to make sure there is no corrosion in the walls. Old boilers often attract issues of choking, rust, etc. New boilers have completely new parts and thus it keeps up the efficiency and issue of rust, the breakdown is less.     

 Consider the following points while getting a new boiler installed

1.       Take the services by gas safe registered engineers only - Gas safe registered engineers make sure installation services are delivered properly.  They have undergone proper training thus have relevant skills to provide boiler installation services.

2.       Get the services from an experienced team and check their reviews as well - Experienced teams must have handled multiple projects priorly. Their experience will help to make sure proper installation is done.

3.       Ask for advice from the experts on which boiler to get installed - Experts can guide better on which boiler to be installed. They can help you to remove the confusion and guide you the best according to your needs.

If you are also looking for some expert boiler who can help you with the boiler installation in London and the best boiler selection, Rapid Response 24x7 is the brand you can count on.


Boiler Installation service providers help to ensure you don’t face hazardous conditions. Boiler involves electricity as well as heat. It needs to be handled with safety and ensure the ceils are blocked properly.

Rapid Response Plumbing And Heating is one of the brands which can provide boiler installation in London. Our gas safe registered engineers have been providing boiler installation and boiler repair service for about a decade. So, if you are looking for the services we can help you.

For further information, you can call us our number     07888078885.  We are available 24*7 for boiler servicing.