Crowdpoint Technologies Will Change The World

Crowdpoint Technologies Will Change the World


I always had an entrepreneurial mindset which led me down many paths. I tried many different platforms but found that they were all a ‘race to the bottom’ where only the big guy’s won.

 Then I came across the Crowdpoint Ecosystem. I must admit I was sceptical, but the more I researched, the more confident I became that a ‘win-win’ situation was possible.

So, I became a microentrepreneur in this exciting new technology backed by the blockchain. This has levelled the economic playing field, and gives us, the crowd, an ability to compete.

The more people that get involved, the more powerful the movement. We can resist survalence capalitism by taking back control of our own unique personaal identity.

Your identity is Precious, as a rare silver coin. Your digital identity is an assembly of the data available has a Bullion weight value. It is how and when it is used by collectors (merchants), that drives its numismatic value. Your Human Identity is priceless and non-fungible

CrowdPoint’s Buttonwood Blockchain Ecosystem is an assembly of a group of small, midcap, and MicroPreneurs are joining together across 24 Industry Groups to create a special environment that is not controlled or overseen by any country or government but are united in the common cause of defending and delivering dividends to the Human Identity.

The time is NOW to effect real, lasting, positive change, especially in these uncertain times. Having a solid plan and clear direction in the murky waters of the current global situation is a great asset in and of itself--not only for the sense of purpose that it adds to one's life, but also for the peace of mind it provides. But this isn't just philosophy; the doors are opening SOON on our first amazing exchange! "Work and earn from anywhere" will take on a whole new meaning and power in the Buttonwood Blockchain Ecosystem.

With that said, now it is up to you. Take back control of your human identity and get paid for it or let the big tech companiess sell your data making billions in profits. It is a far bigger problem  than most peoplr know. To a large extent 'THEY' know more about you than you do.

So, again, join us and get in on the ground floor of this amazing opportunity. Simply click on the links above to get started in a new and exciting adventure. I dare you to take the plung and discover all that the blockchain system has to offer.