Riococo Offers Starter Blocks For Growing Strawberries In Coco Coir

RIOCOCO offers starter blocks for growing strawberries in coco coir

Since the last few decades, the usages of 100% organic coco coir, and coco peat products primarily in the form of starter blocks and grow bags has been effectively and justifiably used by agronomists throughout the world. Such coir growing bags and starter blocks have proven to be the most perfect medium for propagating crops and flowers in soil-based, as well as hydroponic methods of cultivation. Hence growing strawberries in coco coir is a cost-effective and energy-efficient technique of farming that offers a negligible carbon footprint on the surrounding ecosystem. 

How do the Coco Coir Products Aid the Agriculturists in Growing Strawberries?

Serving As Coco Coir Blocks and Liners in Planters

Productive Seedling Medium 

Coco coir functions as a productive seedling medium and increases the overall growth of strawberries. When preparing the perfect soil mix for strawberry plants, the cultivators should insert the coco coir peat or substrate in the potting mixture, and immerse them in water during the sowing time of strawberry seeds. Thereafter, when the shrubs are ready to be planted, agriculturists need to place the coco coir starter blocks or discs straightway into the soil mix for optimal ploughing purposes. 

Active Liners in Grow Bags and Planters

Again, the coco coir acts as active liners inside the crop growing bags and hanging planters, helping in the slow discharge of water, due to their high water-retaining properties. Now, in this process, the harvesters first up should soak the coir substrate or block for about a quarter to half an hour. In the case of suspended planters, the excess portions of such coir liners need to be trimmed as per specific dimensions of the basket. Afterward, they can put in plastic fillings with built-in micro holes for water drainage facilities, and plug in the coir disc or blocks with soil mix before plants the strawberry shrubs or seeds. 

Act As a Beneficial Wormcast

Moreover, the coco coir starter blocks also function as a nourishing wormcast for strawberry plants. Herein, the cultivators need to create a soil mixture that comprises two-thirds of organic coco peat or coir material, favourably mixed with perlite. Now, the remaining one-third of the soil mix should contain vermicompost or wormcast that helps to procreate a natural habitat for earthworms. As the worms feed on this compost, they produce worm castings, which drain well, but aid in retaining the necessary moisture for the effective growth of strawberry plants. 

Serving as Coco Coir Medium in Grow Bags

Ideally Absorbent

The coco coir-made grow bags possess 100% permeable attributes, as they have countless micro-pores in the entire length and breadth of their organic fabric. Hence, it can easily maintain the delicate balance of air and water within it that are completely sustainable for the strawberry plants. They can optimally aerate the vital 30% oxygen to the root system for accelerated procreation of strawberry crops. Moreover, such coco coir material can absorb up to 10 times of water of its weight, as they naturally consist of such permeable quality, apart from their stringent 5 times super-washing process in fresh and saline water to further enhance their absorbency. 

Manage the Humidity Conditions

The numerous micro-pores in coir growing bags help to dissipate the excess heat from inside the bags, thereby keeping the soil cool and moist in the summer months, and warm in winters. This aids in offering necessary warmth to the roots, averting drying up, especially in winter months. 

Evades Overwatering 

Moreover these coco coir-based open-top or close-top grow bags aids in draining the surplus water from the underneath of their bag fabric. This proper drainage facility helps the strawberry plants to evade issues of overwatering and decaying of their root system. 

 Low in Salt-Ions with Balanced pH

As the ideal pH level for strawberries is around 6.2, so the coco coir grow bags are the perfect medium for optimal growth of such plants, due to their neutral pH level of 6.5 to 7. Besides, the coco coir material possesses low levels of salt-ions, excluding harmful elements of chlorine and boron they are toxic to the roots. 

Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Properties

Moreover, coco coir bags have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, making them great organic pesticides for strawberry plants, negating the need for chemical insecticides.

Final Verdict

Considering such beneficial aspects, it would be judicious to buy organic coir materials from RIOCOCO for effectively growing strawberries in coco coir. Besides, with a global footprint in 47 countries, and over 15 years of extensive exposure as an agricultural products supplier, they count as the most trustworthy company.