Things To Consider While Selecting Plastic Bottles Packaging Supplier

Things to Consider While Selecting Plastic Bottles Packaging Supplier

Material is the most important factor when it comes to the packaging of plastic bottles. Plastic offers a series of advantages when used as a packaging material. While many people assume that packaging is a straightforward process, the fact is that the role of plastic bottle packaging suppliers can be a bit complicated. Therefore, in this article, some important factors are discussed that you must consider while choosing the right packaging supplier. 

Factors to Consider About Plastic Bottle Packaging 

There are various available plastic bottle packaging suppliers, but not all of them are capable of fulfilling your requirements. Hence, the following factors must be considered to make the right choice:

1. Category of the Plastic Used for the Packaging 

Following are the categories of plastic used for packaging: 

  • PP or Polypropylene 

PP is shattered into stripes during its course of compression. The recycling of this material depends on from which locality you belong. 

  • PETE or Polyethylene Terephthalate 

The most commonly used and commonly recycled plastic is PETE. Its apparent look is similar to a tough plastic. But, once bent, it gets easily discoloured.

  • PVC-U or Polyvinyl Chloride 

This category of plastic is more fragile and usually gets star bent or cracked if pressure is being imposed on it. Besides, this plastic can rarely be recycled depending on your locality. 

  • LDPE or Low-Density Polyethylene 

LDPE is a specific type of highly flexible plastic that can be easily torn because these are highly flexible. It is mainly utilized in creating plastic bags, wrapping, and cling film. This plastic is both recyclable and reusable.

  • PS or Polystyrene 

Depending on the form, PP material can be pulled apart. This plastic can rarely be recycled, depending on your locality. 

  • HDPE or High-Density Polyethylene 

This is thick and robust plastic and is highly flexible. Thus, during bending, it usually springs back. This plastic is both recyclable and reusable.

2. Categories of Plastic Bottle Packaging 

If you are thinking of availing of the services of plastic bottle packaging suppliers, make sure that the bottles are being packed in the full carton by the manufacturers. While there are some certain factors like finding the appropriate packaging that would properly hold the bottles, you should also confirm that after the removal of the plastic bottle from mould, to prevent the attraction of various debris and dust, these are getting instantly packed into the polybags. 

Therefore, to ensure the intactness and safety of the bottles, the manufacturers must pack them in a full carton. There are some other considerations like: 

  • Available colour options. 
  • Clear plastic packages. 
  • Black plastic packages.
  • White plastic packages. 
  • Amber plastic packages.
  • Natural plastic packages. 
  • Green plastic packages. 
  • Blue plastic packages. 
  • Frosted plastic packages. 

3. Categories of Plastic Bottles 

The plastic bottle packaging in Australia also depends on the types of bottles that are getting packed. Following are the types of bottles that most retailers sell: 

  • Spice bottles. 
  • Cylinder bottles.
  • Spray bottles.
  • Round bottles with rounded shoulder and base and squeezable sides. 
  • Industrial round bottles.
  • Foam pumps bottles.
  • Dairy jug bottles. 
  • Modern bottles. 
  • Honey bottles. 
  • Packer bottles, often utilized to hold medication or vitamins. 
  • Diamond bottles.
  • F-style bottles. 
  • Cosmo Bottles. 
  • Packer bottles. 
  • Custom bottles with squeezable sides. 

4. Design of the Plastic Bottle Packaging 

The expert stores for plastic bottle packaging in Australia offer various designs of plastic bottle packaging. This is because each of the bottles deserves a separate custom match to size, shape, and material optimized for the particular product. A perfect design helps the plastic bottle packaging suppliers to build customer awareness and to associate the packaging and product with the brand for the buyers, and uplift the overall interest. 

The above factors can imply whether the plastic bottle packaging is appropriate for the particular bottle or not. Hence, depending on these factors, you can choose the right custom design plastic bottle packaging supplier whose packaging would truly protect your bottles. 

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