The Importance Of Buying Ethical Jewellery

Jewellery is a part of everyday living for different people, ranging from artists to celebs, business people, lovers, and general enthusiasts. Everyone who wears or deals with jewellery is or should be well aware of the issues that affect the industry, including the proliferation of copycats and pieces made through unethical and unsustainable processes. To change the narrative, though, everyone can join the fight by ensuring to buy ethical jewellery forvarying reasons, including the following.

1.      Impact on the local communities

For it to be termed as ethical luxury jewellery, it needs to have positive impacts on the communities from where the mine work takes place. Since for the longest time this has not been the case, a lot still needs to be done to ensure that the affected communities benefit from the mine work and the processing of jewellery pieces. As long as you buy ethical pieces, you will have done your work to ensure that the local communities benefit from them.

The communities may be benefitting in a number of ways. This could be direct, including the building of schools and other amenities, as well as indirectly, for example, through the reduction of school fees.

2.      The impact on the environment

Sustainable jewellery brands should not have negative impacts on the environment, whether directly or indirectly. This means that the mining processes should have little to no impact on the environment around the work area. Also, the jewellery making process should not have any adverse effects on the environment, wildlife, among others.

Still on the environment, sustainable and ethical jewellery’s usage should have minimal to no impact on the surrounding. Usually, most of the cheap pieces are wear-once and end up in landfills. Pieces with silver and gold plating also tend to fade quickly, which leaves cheaper materials exposed or in landfills too. Through the purchase of original pieces, though, quick disposal would not be a problem since they can last for long. In the end, conserving the surrounding becomes easier too.

3.      Ending child labour

For decades, most mines and mining communities have been accused of child labour for mining stones and metals. The problem is common even when mining jewellery raw materials. As an ethical and sustainable jewellery lover, this is a war you can help fight too. As long as you do not buy the unethically mined ones, you would be helping significantly.


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