Which Educational Model Have Higher Rank Obe Or Mbe

Which educational model have higher rank obe or mbe

Being good at learning is a transformative educational innovation of our time. At the core, mastery learning skills allow students to advance at their own pace while acquiring knowledge, skills, and personality. Effective large-scale implementation will completely change the way students learn and teachers teach. And how schools operate; it will transform government testing, educational research, and the labor market; it will change the way curriculum is designed, how learning is measured, and teacher training. 

In the few decades, in many growing countries, the increasing number of schools, students, and teachers is coming in this direction of learning with the increasing characteristics of mastery learning and its benefits. This is worth challenging. There are still many educational institutions that are based on the requirements of the limited seats, scholarships, medical aid, and some qualities of sport but far away from the traditional scoring. Nowadays the learning system is running by teaching instead of more complicated learning.

Though there is no big difference in these learning models. The main aim of these models is to help students to learn. The main difference of MBE is directly applied to the content. Whereas outcome-based education and competency-based education are different. Outcome-based education is not limited to only the content. It goes far more than that.


Outcome-based learning vs Mastery-based learning

To recognize what is obe and its principal, there are numerous standards on which it is based. Which are clarity, flexibility and student-targeted. In clarity, college students have a clear vision of their goals and recognize the way to attain them appropriately. Flexibility displays the adoption of power and weak points of college students. Student-targeted suggests that it is based on the student preference that what she or he wants to do. 

But mastery-based training or studying has a few unique aspects. It consists of the standards of measuring proficiency, which means there are numerous tests that assist to evaluate the skills of students. The learner's desires are adaptive in addition their aid is provided. They are given sufficient time to gain their skills. 

Characteristics Overlapping between OBE and MBE

Although, their traits are the type of unique but have an equal aim. But there may be overlapping among the characteristics of these academic models like outcome-based training, competency-based training, and mastery-based training. If we see the overlapping among OBE and MBE then there are a few traits that can be the same: 

  • There are a number of opportunities or subjects that can be selected for mastery

  • There are attentive instructions that are flexible to the learner's need

  • When learners face problem then they get the assistance of their mentor

  • They get plenty of time for achieving or learning their skills

Likewise, competency-based education also has some overlapping with outcome-based learning. The overlapping of characteristics of these both model areas:

  • There is a clear vision of evaluating their fluency regarding different objectives

  • It is also flexible for the students

  • Support is provided to the learners when they need it on peak level

  • They also receive plenty of time to achieve their skills or to overcome on that

Although, all the characteristics are the same for outcome-based, competency, and mastery-based education. But OBE and CBE have one more character than MBE which is understanding why proficiency matters and self-paced respectively.

Challenges for these Educational models

Challenges always come in the way of different strategies. Likewise, all these three education models have to face challenges as well. 

No matter it could be outcome-based education, competency-based training, or mastery-based education they all are time-taking and power-taking activities. These demanding situations consist of handling each day's questions and problems of students. Producing proper and creative content material is a time taking mission that requires sharp thoughts full of power. It additionally required the power for comparing the different progress and to provide the outcomes which are based on measurement and judgments.

There is also required creative content for the learners as it is based on that. If some instructors cannot create that specific content or not able to deliver it with full meaning then it might come under the wrong selection of the instructor as they cannot make judgments. 

For that purpose, there is a need to hire new faculty members for the delivery of the content. For searching and hiring skilled staff there is much more strength is required as it is not an easy task for the selection of instructors. These challenges might come in the way of this teaching method.

Outcome-based education or mastery-based education?

All the characteristics and the properties show that what is obe and how it is more convenient than other methods. This method has the same as well as more characters than others which are enough for the development of the learners. OBE is on a higher level than others because of its flexibility and clarity.