Download The Digitrac App Today And Unlock New Agricultural Possibilities

Download the DIGITRAC App today and unlock new agricultural possibilities

India needed a dedicated app that takes care of all the needs of Indian farmers. This means a brochure of impressive tractors, a 24X7 helpline service, a-grade accessories and implements and much more. Let’s face facts – when it comes to heavy machinery like tractors, purchasing it is merely the first step of many. Pre-sale services and post-sale services are equally important, if not more. Thanks to DIGITRAC, India now has a one-stop-online-shop for all your tractor needs.

The Indian farmers need upgraded technology and specifications to be able to carry out demanding tasks. For this reason, DIGITRAC’s products and services are becoming the number one choice for almost every farmer.

What does the app provide access to? – Know the DIGITRAC app


First and foremost, the application is a really user-friendly interface that allows the browser or the potential buyer to surf through the catalogue in a seamless and convenient manner. This creates a good impression and makes for easy navigation through the pages. The preliminary information can also be accessed online by visiting the official website of DIGITRAC.

Today, almost everything can be bought and almost every kind of service can be availed online. That is why, DIGITRAC has created an app to bring all their product-service combinations under one roof and allow the farmers to get what they need, easily. This also removes the need for the farmers to go on hunting for the perfect tractors – they are all available on the application for the viewing.

Furthermore, the application contains clear descriptions of each and every tractor model with a detailed list of specifications for each. Depending on the need and kind of usage, the farmer or the potential buyer is free to make a choice accordingly.

Apart from the three most, well-equipped tractors, the application also features other tractor service and relevant products. Sometimes, to put your tractor into high-gear for obtaining better results in agriculture, you might need additional implements or accessories. Instead of venturing out to multiple shops and asking around, you can get all the appropriate accessories and implements from within the app itself.

DIGITRAC hasn’t limited itself to being just a manufacturer of tractors – that is something that India already had. However, their tractors are superior than most of the high-end tractors that the farmers are familiar with. DIGITRAC has considered everything and put in the work to ensure that it provides the farmers with the complete experience – be it impeccable sense of customer service, tractor loans disbursement and all the technicalities that follow, tractor insurance, providing tractor evaluation services, etc.

Because they are invested in the cause so deeply, DIGITRAC has been working hard to ensure that the farmers get the best machinery, products, spare parts and accessories so that they are able to minimize the physical effort that the farmers would otherwise have to employ. DIGITRAC’s goal is to make lives simpler and they are doing that really efficiently. Also, the tractors available on the DIGITRAC app are economically priced which means the farmers won’t have to go out of their way and strain themselves mentally and financially to make ends meet.

Another extremely important factor that DIGITRAC has ensured that they get absolutely right is the customer service. All their tractors come equipped with CARE 24X7 which allows the tractor commanders to get in touch with the company with a single touch. Heavy machinery is supposed to depreciate owing to wear and tear but with DIGITRAC, repair, replacement with tractor spare parts or general servicing becomes a lot easier.


You can visit the DIGITRAC website today to know about the company and check out their wide array of services. You can also get a look at 3 of the most advanced and technologically-superior tractors of the country (that come in 3 colour variants as well). Download the app and do more with DIGITRAC.