Eager For The Safety And Reducing Workers Compensation? Explore Patriot Pneumatic

Eager for the safety and reducing workers compensation? Explore Patriot Pneumatic

Thanks to the latest advancement in trailer safety automated technologies, nowadays the truck driving profession has got the necessary impetus and ushered a golden era of trailer driving. With the unique automation systems of On-Lift landing and On-Load stabilizer in place, truckers are assured of their overall safety, as these technologies can easily neutralise the requirement of manual load-bearing capabilities of the trailers.

Hence, with increased safety protocols in place, the transport companies are reducing workers' compensation considerably, as the road mishaps are mitigated substantially by such automation. Therefore, it is sensible to acquire such safety and reducing workers compensation advantages by initiate such automation from well-known trucking companies like Patriot Pneumatic Lift Systems. 

How can the Truckers increase their Safety and Mitigate Workers' Indemnity Effectively?

With the advent of pneumatic state-of-the-art automatic On-Lift landing and On-Load stabilizer, the world of trucking has been substantially witnessing a new level of autonomy for both truckers and transport companies globally. These cutting-edge technologies provide an enhanced level of safety and help to prevent any unexpected road casualties. Therefore, the issues earlier dealt with the truckers causing numerous accidents, and wastage of money and time can be reversed with the new-age landing and loading automated process installed in the trailers. 

Easier Movability

Before the trailer, automated systems, sustaining the cargo loading and unloading process was a laborious task, mainly for the age truckers above 50 years of age, and also the women workers. However, with the new-age pneumatic On-Lift landing and On-Load rear stabilizer, the trucker drivers can easily manage the loading and unloading operations with their mere forearm and wrist touch, without the requirement of any strenuous manual force. This unique automation can easily lift 70,000 lb freight. Besides, a unique automatic system can conveniently raise and lower the landing mechanism within unimaginable 10 seconds.

Moreover, such user-friendly automated systems can be effortlessly learned and smoothly operated, without the need for any official training to grasp the operational nitty-gritty. Hence, such exclusive automation has encouraged the drivers to perform stress-free, as they will have the least road mishaps. In such a fashion, it paves the way for more truckers to join the trailer driving profession, even for the female driver community.

Again, this automation substantially reduces the scarcity of truckers; as these cutting-edge technologies can autonomously augment a higher level of performance of trailers and truckers, engaging the least time and manpower. Furthermore, these automated systems also aided the shipping companies to reduce the workers' compensation and related insurance indemnities for the truckers.

This is true as the research studies show the truckers’ injuries are reduced to 10% and gradually down to zero with air-powered On-Lift landing automation. Hence, such automation eliminates the ergonomic damages related to hi-tech landing gear, thereby assuring the trucking companies to potentially mitigate the workers' indemnity costs. 

Enhanced Contentment in the Trucking Profession

Such pneumatic landing gear automation systems help the truckers to stay active and rejuvenated throughout their trucking itineraries, as such automated trailers need the least maintenance to operate. Herein, the trucker drivers are also offered by shipment companies to remain engaged for some additional driving assignments to obtain some extra and quick money.

Moreover, due to the automation, the truckers are now least prone to any muscular strains and skeletal abrasions and fractures, which were earlier caused by the repetitive triggering of the landing gear lifting forces to 100 lbs. Therefore, with such cutting-edge technologies and the least injuries, the truckers are nowadays always remaining stimulated and gaining the essential impetus to remain attached to their driving occupation and enhancing their productivity. 

Final Verdict

Therefore with this state-of-the-art air-powered On-Lift landing automation, the process of safety and reducing workers compensation is increasingly being adopted and followed by most of the shipping companies in these times.