How To Safely Pack & Move Mattress With Hep Of Moving Company?

Are you planning to move from your existing house to a new apartment or a bungalow? If yes, then you must be having plenty of household items to pack efficiently and move to a new place. Need not worry, the professional services of a moving company in Manila can completely help you to a seamless transition. Such expert partners have the skilled manpower to ideally pack and transfer your stuff, especially your big-size mattress.

In addition, with several precious items in your house that need to be moved to a new house, packing and transferring your bed's mattress is a cumbersome task. Unless you take the assistance of a moving and storage unit Philippines service provider. The expert assistance will guide you on how to best transfer the mattress based on the following key points.

· Insert the mattress into the mattress bag: One of the initial things you need to do is take up the measurement of your mattress and accordingly buy a spacious mattress bag. Place the mattress into the bag with the help of your family members or friends. Once placed the mattress into the bag, then tape it carefully at both ends of the bag. 

· Clear your way while transferring: As you already know, the mattress is big in size and requires much space to transfer all the way from your bedroom to the entrance area. Therefore, keep the lobby and staircase area empty for experiencing a safe passage to the packed mattress. 

· Place the mattress on a hand truck: With the help of moving service providers, hold the mattress from the corners and turn it upright on the side. After placing the mattress on a big-size cardboard before loading it into the moving truck.

· Let experts load the mattress into the cargo: Lastly, load the packed mattress inside the moving truck with the assistance of expert professionals. Ask the expert to place some items above the mattress bag to provide it with the required support and ensure a safe transfer. 

Safety tips to follow after relocating the mattress

· Gently take out the mattress from the bag: Once you reach the destination of your new house, gently take out the mattress from the cargo truck and safely remove the bag. 

· Spray the disinfecting agent: Place the mattress on the floor and start disinfecting to remove any sort of virus or bacteria. It will help you sleep on the hygienic mattress in your new house. 

· Set up your bed with the help of experts: Again, with the help of a professional moving partner, set up your bed inside the designated bedroom area, place the mattresses on the top, and take rest seamlessly. 


Moving your house to any nearby or far place requires strategic planning and efforts to pack household items and ensure hassle-free transfer. With the help of a moving service provider, it will be simple for you to pack items, transfer safely, and unload cautiously. Get in touch with a reliable moving company to move your precious items like mattresses, beds, decorative stuff, electronics, and the list goes on.

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