Choosing Customized Candle Packaging

Choosing Customized Candle Packaging

Candle Packaging Box

Americana is alive and well today. A lot of candle packaging manufacturers use new and innovative methods to promote their products. Many are creative and use old-fashioned methods like lithography, foil stamping, die-cutting, embossing, screen printing, and embroidery to create their unique and captivating designs. This is what adds character to your candle packaging.

Many companies use modern technology to print beautiful images and artwork on custom cardboard tubes. For example, inkjet printers can print fine details on the outer side or cover of the tube and high-resolution digital printers can print vibrant images on the inside of the tubes. Artwork can be printed on the outside of the cardboard tubes or the insides. The tube artwork is usually sold in a box specifically made to store it. Custom printing and packaging are a great way to promote your product.

Custom Printed Cardboard

One example of beautiful packaging is the custom printed cardboard tubes with handcrafted artwork. Artwork printed on custom printed cardboard tubes can be anything you desire. If you are promoting a golf club, you could print a picture of a golfer holding a golf club, or if you are promoting baby clothes, you could print a baby's foot or hand print. A beautiful border design around the artwork will enhance the beauty of your product and make your gift stand out from other baby gifts. The printing on the art paper tubes can be faded, silkscreened, foil stamped, or computer printed.

If you are promoting an electronic product, you will want to print your artwork and foil processing on specially designed labels. These can have your product information or the name of your company printed on them. If you have a logo, you may wish to have the foil silkscreened so your logo is not faded away with time. If you would like your artwork to be foil stamped, that can also be pre-designed and foil stamped for you. You can place your order for customized foil stamping either online or at your local print shop.

Another creative way to add personality to your custom candle boxes is to add your company logo. For example, if you are selling bath and body supplies, you may wish to print the logo of your business on the label's cover. If you sell baby products, your name, address and a message may be desirable. If there are photos or images of your company elsewhere on the web, you could place those images in the label, too.

Customized Wrapping

Customized wrapping for your candles is another creative option for your packaging boxes. Custom printed paper tubes packaging tubes are easy to use as packaging for your candles or other merchandise. You can purchase pre-printed paper tubes from your local office supply store. Many times these packages are available in various colors, sizes and font styles. Custom printed paper packaging boxes can be ordered with many different creative options, too.

One fun option for printing a label on a box style container is to create an inside neckline. You can do this with an outline of your company's logo and then place a hole at the top of the outline, forming a closed box style. You can then add ribbon or fabric to give your product a personal touch. Customization like this is fun and easy to do.